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Celtics @ Knicks Preseason Game 5 Highlights

Preseason?  That game last night hardly felt like a preseason game.  Madison Square Garden was near capacity as the fans witnessed Kevin Garnett get sent to the showers rather early.  Amare Stoudemire took advantage of KG's absence (along with the other bigs that didn't play or fouled out) but it was Paul Pierce who had the last word, or shot rather, to put the Celtics ahead with 8 ticks left.  Rajon Rondo iced the win with a huge block on New York Knicks rookie Andy Rautins.  Oh yeah, Tommy Heinsohn nearly got ejected himself for calling the NBA "stupid."

Q1: The first quarter begins with a beautiful live shot from MSG at night on the outside, then with Paul Pierce taking jumpers as he warms up on the inside of the Garden.  Other highlights include:

  • KG raining outside jumpers
  • Rondo drawing an offensive foul on Raymond Felton
  • Rondo with a nice steal leading to a Ray Allen transition lay-up (excellent sealing off of Amare by KG)
  • Solid defensive set on Amare
  • KG finding Jermaine O'Neal for a short-jumper
  • JO challenging everyone who dares enter the paint
  • KG and Rondo working a text book give-and-go
  • A Rondo swipe from behind eventually leading to a trailing Paul Pierce transition three
  • Stephane Lasme finding a cutting Semih Erden for the left-handed jam
  • KG discussing his training last year, describing how it was like running up "sand hills"
  • Marquis Daniels knocking down a mid-range shot
  • Lasme taking a charge on Ronny Turiaf
  • A beautiful 24 seconds of solid defense by the second unit (and Ray Allen) to end the quarter


Q2: The second quarter begins with a Nate Robinson driving to the hoop for a floater, followed by some nice hustle on the offensive boards by Semih Erden keeping the possession alive.  Other highlights include:

  • Avery Bradley recovering a near lost possession, then knocking down a mid-range jumper
  • More very impressive defense by the second unit
  • More Bradley defense
  • Good one-on-one post defense by Lasme on Anthony Randolph
  • Offensive boards by Lasme then Erden, who completes a put back lay-in for an "and 1"
  • A beautiful Ray Allen three off a screen by JO
  • KG getting ejected, followed by Tommy's "the NBA is stupid" tirade
  • A JO two-handed slam
  • Pierce driving for an and 1
  • Lasme working for an offensive board, leading to Rondo dishing it back to him for a reverse lay-in
  • Celtic legend Dave Cowens telling us if he could play in today's NBA with the new technical foul rules


Q3: The second half begins with Mike and Tommy further discussing KG's early ejection.  There is a wider angle to show more of what KG exactly did to get tossed.  Other highlights include:

  • Luke Harangody doin work
  • A sweet Ray Allen jumper
  • Rondo's relentless attacks to the basket
  • Excellent defense by Marquis
  • Several steals by Rondo


Q4: The final and dramatic quarter begins with a nasty Rondo cross-over on Toney Douglas, mimicking a search-and-destroy attack at the hoop.  Other highlights include:

  • Pierce attacking the hoop
  • More Marquis defense
  • Ray Allen fighting for an offensive board, then draining a baseline jumper
  • Ray Allen working Anthony Randolph for a drive, then kneeing Ronny Turiaf in the stones
  • A beautiful Ray Allen three
  • Harangody working the offensive glass
  • Nate with a slick up-and-under lay-up
  • Pierce with another drive, and 1
  • Captain Clutch strikes again, with the clutch jumper over Randolph
  • Rondo's huge block on Andy Rautins to seal the game
  • Marquis smartly fouling, not allowing NY to shoot a potential game tying three


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  • Jason

    Dear Rondo,
    Please stop blowing open layups. Thank you.

  • Mileke

    at this point idc how we won, im just glad it happened even without KG good win CELTICS!!!

  • Brian

    PP = $$$ baby. Should have wiped our a$$ with that team, but a win is a win. Once again, thank you Redsarmy.com for posting this presesaon coverage for those of us Celt fans that don’t live in the area.

  • Dylan

    Will these recaps be continuing in the regular season? I am really enjoying them. For a Celtics fan lampooned in Texas, it’s a welcome sight to get a solid half hour of highlights and Tommy every morning.

  • thelpierce

    What can I say,..Excellent work Redsarmy. YAY CELTICS!!

  • GreenBlood

    Even with starters and us not having a legit Center in the game, Knicks couldn’t do sh!t. The only reason they even lead by 10 was the BS technicals. Lopsided officiating and knicks couldn’t even blow us out. Only proves defense wins games. With finished with a line up of Daniels at PF and Pierce at Center lol and they can’t even take advantage of that.

  • Does anyone know where I can find the stats for all of the Boston players for this game?