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Recap: KG tossed, Pierce is clutch, Luke steps up


That's our boy P-dub doing his clutch thing early… nailing a jumper with 8 seconds left in the game.  The C's ended up winning this 104-101.  Pierce dropped 20 points, 9 rebounds and 5 dimes in this one.  After the game, he joked that he needed to hit the shot because he had an 11 o'clock reservation he needed to make for his birthday. 

Pierce was in the game because the C's were down bigs… with Shaq in street clothes, Baby resting an sore knee, and Kevin Garnett tossed in the second quarter thanks to the NBA's completely asinine new tech rules.


Tommy damn near had a stroke.  I'm sure the NBA loves that star players are getting bounced in the second quarter.  That's what fans came to see.  

Other highlights: 

  • Ray dropped 24, 5 and 2.
  • KG was 3-5 in his 11 minutes and he had his jumper working early
  • Luke Harangody had himself a game: 16 points, 12 boards. 
  • Von Wafer has got to be done after this game.  2:13 of playing time… he missed his only shot.  He's just not cutting it.  Whatever it is… it's not working.  And Mario West didn't play at all.  So it's really looking like Stephane Lasme is the guy.

Videos:  Pierce game winner via KWAPT.  KG vid via commenter Joe Klein.

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  • Thanks for the love John… This was a good test for this team. Despite the fact that it was a bogus ejection, this was the 1st real “adversity” this group saw. No KG, no Shaq, and a rusty J.O. But no worries- Harangody stepped up big time, and Ray quietly got into a groove. I also loved the fact that despite the fact that Nate wasn’t on, he just kept shooting. Pair that with some great D and we steal this one. Still not at all pleased with all the turnovers, but hopefully they tighten-up that aspect.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Go C’s, a win in NY is always a win in NY!
    I think the new T rules are a joke.. it’s just a better way for the commissioner to control the games through his small soldiers army (refs).
    It’s a sad story.

  • Not satisfied with our win. 3 of our starters were playing with 2nd and 3rd string scubs in the 4th quarter and we barely won.

  • BRADinLA

    I feel that.

  • Nota

    It’s pre-season it’s time to chill out if you are upset with pre season wins

  • ShawnCVD

    It’s a good win because Doc had kept the starters in. That means the Celtics wanted this one. To win it is nice. Had they lost we would all have said “don’t matter it’s only pre season.” It’s nice we don’t have to entertain that tonight…

  • Orb

    I’m loving me some ‘Gody.

  • NineSevenEight

    Turnovers are the only thing that worries me going into the regular season. A lot of sloppy, ill-advised, head scratching turnovers. Need to clean it up.

  • AMP

    I only saw half of the 4th, but I thought Harangody was shooting irresponsibly perhaps looking to impress. I trust he was better than that otherwise based on what you guys say.
    Watching Pierce’s game winner, I realized how much I missed this team! Long summer, and I can’t wait till the 26th!

  • Orb

    I was mostly thinking of his rebounding when I wrote that, he has a nose for the ball we seemed to lack last year. I thought most of his shots were in the flow though, as ugly as they are.

  • AMP

    You are absolutely right. He has sticky hands. Sweet!
    I saw 2 shot attempts where I would’ve preferred another pass, but I think it was a little anxiousness due to the clock ticking down and lack of experience. Nonetheless, I am excited to see more!