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Kobe Bryant lays down a heaping pile of BS


Via The Basketball Jones:

Bryant noted his approach to basketball has been shaped by Chinese influences. He first heard about the concept of Qi, often translated as “life force” or “energy flow,” while in high school. He found later that Qi was a strong element in the martial arts of Bruce Lee, someone Bryant greatly admired while growing up as a kid in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“It seems Bruce Lee has nothing to do with basketball. To me it has everything to do with basketball. There are a lot of similarities,” he told his fans. Besides Lee’s close attention to detail and control over his emotions, it was his philosophical approach to martial arts that captured his interest.

Bryant pointed out that Lee approached his opponents with no rigid set structure. While playing basketball, this “formlessness” is very difficult to guard and even more difficult to stop.

“By doing so, no one knows what you are going to do next, therefore, they don’t know how to fight back. I’ve been working hard to infuse his principles of utility, agility, speed and efficiency to my own training,” Bryant says in his book.

Instead of serving us all that Qi garbage, Kobe could have said: I work on all aspects of my game because a well-rounded basketball player is tough to guard.

What a tool…

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  • Lights_out

    whats the whole point of postin Kobe news?
    you got nothin better to post? kobe on your mind too much? just worry bout your team!

  • Steven

    As Kobe gets older, he gets more philosophical (BS).

  • greenbeand

    kobe has the IQ of shit

  • jared

    Typically LA bullshit…you KNOW they’re eating this shit up out there.

  • yeah.. I had a Bruce Lee poster on my wall freshman year of college, where I too practiced much ‘formlessness’.
    hey dork

  • jb

    I wonder if he does “paint fence” and “wax on/wax off” with Phil…followed by some inner child work and journal writing. (fyi Phil Jackson IS a licensed therapist, as well a philosopher and writer)

  • anonymous

    As much as I hate Kobe, I am a huge Bruce Lee fan and believe what he said. He seems to be legitimately knowledgable on the topic of Qi and I believe his Bruce Lee comments because his Nikes use to have 3 red stripes symbolic of Bruce’s wounds in Enter the Dragon.
    Hate the Lakers, and hate Kobe… but you can’t hate every little thing he does or says.

  • 4pdxxx@gmail.com

    Seriously, hate the opponent, but you better respect Kobe. He’s clearly been the best of his generation and watching him, honestly, makes me think of Bruce Lee and his philosophy. Kobe really does play bball like Bruce fought. It’s beautiful to watch, even if you hate the man. Grow up.