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Your Morning Dump… Where Quisy’s expanding his game


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I tried to make at least 1,000 3’s a day,” he repeated. “I wasn’t used to doing that. I usually work on my post-ups and try to get my conditioning there, but there was a lot of shooting this summer.

“I was going twice a day, like in the morning at 9, and then at night late again, just shooting. Just trying to get them up,” said Daniels. “I had my old AAU coach helping me, and I was making my brother do some work, too.

“This summer I wanted to key on showing them that I was working on that,” he said. “With all of the people on this team who can penetrate and get to the basket, I just have to hit the open shot.”

Herald: Marquis Daniels eager to impress

I've seen Marquis hit a few threes so far this preseason.  It might be by pure chance, but the ones I've seen him hit were from that left corner… just like the one in the video.  Maybe that's just his favorite spot.  If you're looking to expand your range, might as well start with the shorter 3 rather than the top of the key. 

I, for one, like the idea of Marquis at least being seen as some sort of threat out there.  But to channel my inner Doc Rivers… only if its within the flow of the offense.  To his credit, that's been the case so far.  But throughout that piece, Doc shows he's still evaluating Marquis and he's not sold on Quis stepping back behind the arc.  Doc wants him to play his game… the mid-range to post game… and play it hard. 

I don't think Marquis is going to mistake himself for Ray Allen… but he'll find himself in situations where he's got the ball behind the arc and time to shoot.  Sometimes he'll shoot it, some times he'll fake and drive.  But doing anything to improve your game and make yourself a threat from a new spot on the floor works for me.

On page 2: Delonte starts a diary

It feels wonderful to be back here. I'm coming back having a different hindsight. I'm a little wiser these days. I have different goals in mind than I once had. I always had the goal to win the championship — that's still the No. 1 goal. But life off the court changed for me, I look at things differently. In that sense, my mind is grown. My body has grown and my spirit has grown. I'm just enjoying being back in Boston. 

Danny Ainge called me one of the most competitive players he's known and I agree with that. I'm very competitive. I don't play too many video games at home because I can't stand to lose. I'm known for ripping Sega or knocking Nintendo down or trying to break the game after I lost. I leave video games alone or now I play neutral games like Crash Bandicoot or something. 

I don't know if I'm prepared to answer this. You want to know who is Delonte West? I'm not going with what Nate Robinson would like me to say. He says I'm the Joker from the Batman movie. I'm not going to allow Nate to label me. I'm also not going to start out saying I'm a basketball player. Actually, I'm a son. I'm a brother. I'm a cousin. I'm an uncle. I'm a next door neighbor. I'm just like you are. Most people, they run into me at the Walmarts and the Coscos and the Home Depot and the most surprising thing they find out about me is that I'm a lot more normal than people think I am as far as having my feet on the ground and being a human being. After those things, you've got to throw in God-fearing. After all those things, then I play basketball. 

ESPN Boston:  Delonte's diary: It's good to be back in Boston

Delonte has always been one of my favorite guys in the league.  He might be one of the most unique personalities the league has ever seen.  

I'm glad he's back in Boston.  I don't want to rehash why it will be good for him.  He'll fit in very well both on and off the court.

Check out the diary… it's a nice, different insight into the mind of Delonte West.  This is the first installment of his diary… so it will be interesting to see how it progresses.

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