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So does Allen Iverson need money or something?

Iverson crying

I've seen this song and dance before. 

And while I may be wrong… and this may well be different… I'm still seeing 2+2 here being written on the chalk board.

Allen Iverson is getting no NBA offers.  Nothing.  It's his own fault, really, for not recognizing that his skills are in decline and he's not going to be given the superstar treatment that he once got.  Who the hell wants a guy who should be coming off the bench to cry about not being a starter?

So Iverson is pursuing offers elsewhere… and it looks like he might end up playing in Turkey.  

Now… it's entirely possible that AI just wants to play ball and nothing more.  Maybe this is the only avenue he feels like he has left to prove to the NBA that he's still good enough to contribute and good enough to belong in the League. 

OR… maybe Allen Iverson is just like most of these other aging former stars who inexplicably (at the time) go all over creation to get a paycheck.  Maybe Allen Iverson is sitting there wondering where his $154 million (in just basketball salary) has gone and he needs a little extra cash to keep living the life.  He certainly wouldn't be the first former player to blow that kind of cake… and he wouldn't be the last. 

Of course… I'm just guessing here.  I have no clue what AI is trying to do here.  And for his family's sake, I hope this is just the pursuit of basketball dreams.  But we've seen this story written before.  I wouldn't be shocked at all to see Iverson sitting next to Antoine Walker on some "Outside the Lines" type of special.

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  • uygulama … Biz burada oturuyoruz …. uygulama hakkında konuşuyor, ben franchise oyuncu olmam için ve biz burada pratik bahsediyoruz içindeyiz.

  • Orb

    Jester, sen deha. Sana bir içki satın alabilirsiniz.

  • Sağolun, lehine dönecek ve biz ilk buz gibi bira bitirdikten sonra bir tane satın. Memnun birileri yakaladı. Ben ya da boston geldiğinizde hiç vardı size sarhoş eder yaşıyor.

  • Gaffer

    From what I’ve seen he was offered 4 million to play in China and turned it down citing “cultural differences.” Turkey has offered him 2 million dollars, and I have my doubts as to whether Turkey is European enough for him to accept a 50% cut. If it was just about the money I bet he’d have taken the 4M and stuck it out in China. I think he’s just going to go out in the Marbury-Sprewell fashion and threaten to come back when the price is right, which it never will be.

  • Lee in Oregon

    AI lives in his own delusional world. He is a future hall-of-famer, some would say the best player ever under 6′ tall. He was ALMOST a Celtic afew years ago. He was once in a fight that took place in a bowling alley. These are all true statements.