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Perk is just chomping at the bit

RedsArmyAdmin October 12, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off on Perk is just chomping at the bit

Perkins, still recovering from surgery to repair shredded ligaments in his right knee, was feeling good yesterday. Feeling good, and feeling bored. Feeling so good, in fact, and so bored, that he told Lacerte he was in the mood to do some sprinting up and down the court.

As Perk would later explain the exchange, “Ed Lacerte said to me, ‘You probably can sprint down the court, but you’ve got to be smart about everything.’ ”

Herald: Kendrick Perkins raring to go

It's nice, after yesterday's attempt to find out which bigs were essentially the laziest in the Big 3 era, to see the story of Kendrick Perkins just itching… dying… to get back out onto the court.

But to quote George Costanza… EAAAAASSSSY BIG FELLA!! 

I love that Perk is rarin' to go.  I love that he's been in the gym keeping the muscle on but dropping weight (he says he's down from 285 to 275 and he plans to lose another 10 pounds before he returns).  But I want this kid back on the floor at 100% for the playoffs.  I don't care about anything a minute sooner.

It might seem Perk is ahead of schedule… which is nice.  But I don't give a damn about him being on the floor before the All Star break.  Work him back slowly… get him in the some games in March and make that his preseason.  March and April can be the "work his way back into NBA shape" months… then May and June will be his triumphant return to the starting lineup. 

Again… nice to see Perk is there, though.  He seems to be doing everything the right way.

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