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Your Morning Dump… Where Reggie Evans speaks for Chris Bosh

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"Me knowing Chris, I know he's got that game penciled in based on what happened last year with the Paul Pierce dunk, with the kick and stuff," Evans said. "Knowing him, when he has so much ammunition on a team, I know he's looking forward to that game. He may deny it, but I'm pretty sure he's looking forward to it. It's going to be fun to watch."

Evans explained that Bosh never said anything about the play, but suggested that it wouldn't be a big leap of faith to suggest that the new Heat forward is using that play to prepare for the Oct. 26 showdown at the Garden.

"Anybody would take that personally," Evans said. "Getting kicked on a dunk, who wouldn't take that personally? The thing about it is that Chris never said anything about it out of his own mouth, but Chris, with his competitive nature, I could see how he would be looking forward to playing him again.


Did Chris Bosh hire Reggie Evans as his spokesman?

For the record, that dunk happened in November. Bosh had two other chances in the regular season to seek redemption.

Evans – labeled the league's dirtiest player by his peers – is clearly annoyed that Bosh never sought payback.

We all know that's not Bosh's style. He's a non-confrontational kinda guy. He'd rather play 3rd fiddle than carry a team on his shoulders.

On Page 2, Stephane Lasme is making a strong bid for the 15th roster spot.

Lasme has made the most of his limited opportunities, scoring 12 points and grabbing four rebounds in seven minutes in the preseason opener against the 76ers last week.

“I think I have a pretty good defensive mentality,” said Lasme, the former shot-block specialist at UMass. “This team is based on defense and I like playing defense. I think I can help in that way.”

Lasme’s versatility has caught Rivers’ attention.

“I like him a lot,” Rivers said. “He just does everything. He has high energy, he has a high basketball IQ, he’s athletic – he’s probably our most athletic player . . . He has a great shot of making our team.”

Herald – Lasme grabbing Doc's attention

I just can't see the Celtics going with an unproven guy like Lasme. We've heard Doc and Danny say repeatedly that the team needs another shooter. For all his athleticism and defensive prowess, Lasme is not a shooter. Plus, there is a ton of depth in the front court.

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  • terrapin413

    I’m not sure what you guys are watching! Lasme has played better than anyone 8-15 on the bench. He is quick, and his rotation defense has looked great, especially in games 2 and 3. Yes, he really can’t shoot, but boy does he look great out there on the defensive end. That dunk last night was a great highlight for him. Seeing KG and Shaq congratulate him was great. Wafer looks lousy out there and West hasn’t impressed me at all. If I had to pick #15, it would be Lasme, and not just because I’m a Umass alum.

  • BigMck

    West hasn’t impressed you? Wow, you might be the only one with that opinion.

  • NineSevenEight

    From what I’ve seen, Von, having had some previous success in the NBA with the Rockets, comes across as a veteran player not trying to earn a spot on the roster. It comes across as though he’s resting on his previous NBA experience to make the roster and the fact that the Celtics need for a wing/shooter. Either that or he just has a low basketball IQ.
    He certainly hasn’t shown anything during the preseason games to warrant a spot on the roster. If picking up techs and complaining to refs without merit is what he’s going to bring in overcoming the loss of Delonte, I’d gladly take Lasme, who seems to have a better understanding of the system.
    Ultimately it’s Doc’s decision and he may very well go with Wafer based on necessity, but why waste a spot on a guy who doesn’t seem to get it?

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    He’s talking about Mario. I hope.

  • Frank

    He’s talking about Mario, not Delonte.
    The competition for #15 seems to be among Lasme, Wafer and M. West.

  • BigMck

    Haha. Of course. Not sure why I didn’t realize that the first time.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Von Wafer should have been staying late at camp with Delonte. I believe Von’s got a 1 year deal that is guaranteed, so maybe he doesnt feel he needs to. Not to kick a dead horse, but those T’s make me wonder whether his attitude problems are behind him.
    Other than the fact the D West has to miss the 1st 10, why do they need a shooter who cant shoot?
    I’d take a chance on Lasme. Seems like a great energy guy who could turn into a player down the road. It’s not like either of them will have much of a roll other than garbage minutes.

  • thetitleisours

    I would take Lasme out of that choice like most I think. Do we really need another shooter now with D West and Nate firing from outside?

  • NineSevenEight

    +1 At least Lasme makes the most of his role in garbage time. Same can’t be said for Von, who just doesn’t have that same fire in his eyes that I see watching Lasme play.

  • Between those? Definitely Lasme. He’ll make every opportunity count like 978 said. All upside.

  • Eric

    I think The Bench is set with Shooters. You dont need three perimeter guards, if anything the celtics are lacking a wingman. Lasme is showing A LOT of potential. a Defensive minded wingman, (at what? About 6-8?), whos athletic. Given time with this team, I think he’ll develop into a key role player. As for M. West and Von wafer, they havent shown anything. Von Wafer is a loud mouth who hasnt proven anything, and West, well we havent seen that much potential in him.
    I really hope they give Lasme that 15th spot. He deserves it.