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Grizzlies Attempting the “TA at PG” Experiment

Since the inception of the "New Big Three" era in Boston, Doc Rivers has donned his lab coat, conducting a series of experiments in hopes of yielding a reliable backup point guard for Rajon Rondo.  There was Eddie House, a designated shooter stuck in a point guard's body, similar to the days of Dana Barros.  Sam Cassell was brought in for the championship run.  Gabe Pruitt could never get it together, which led to the Stephon Marbury experience.  Last season at this time, it was the "Marquis Daniels: How to make a human Swiss Army knife function as a backup point guard" thesis.  Then, it was Eddie House being shipped to New York for the charismatic Nate Robinson.  Through it all, there was always the fallback option that made most Celtic fans cringe.

Tony Allen as a point guard at any capacity was just… wrong.  The high dribble.  The out-of-control dribbling and driving.  As long as TA played off the ball, things were fine.  When he had the ball, especially leading a fast break, it was unintentional comedy just waiting to happen, followed by screams and groans by Celtic fans.  You would think that with all of the scouting going on these days that NBA teams would learn.  Apparently not in Memphis: where re-attempting the TA at PG experiment lives on.  From today's Memphis Commerical-Appeal:

Don't put too much stock in the Tony Allen experiment at point guard. The backup job is Law's to lose.

It's just one innocent sentence in an article describing how Memphis Coach Lionel Hollins intends to play Acie Law at backup point guard.  Still, this one line is more than enough to make Celtic fans chuckle.  Keep up the good work Chris Wallace.

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  • thetitleisours

    I think our team will survive TA. Gabe is one player who I thought would make it. Not sure why. Maybe he let things off the court distract him too much in putting all his concentration on learning the game at the NBA level

  • T.A. at PG = B.O.

  • Lee in Oregon

    What, Mike Conley can’t dribble it off his own knee?
    Seriously, they oughta let TA do what he does best, play some solid defense in limited minutes. Not only is he NEVER gonna be a point guard, he’s just not a good ballhandler and he’s not good at making decisions with the ball. I think that about covers it.