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Celtics vs Raptors: Pre-season Highlights

The Celtics returned to the TD Garden for the first time since Game 5 of the NBA Finals in June last night for an exhibition against the Toronto Raptors.  The Raptors, in their inaugural season sans all-franchise-leader Chris Bosh, made a game of it, but in the end, the "Boston Bench Mob" pulled out the victory to improve to a meaningless 3-0 in the pre-season.  Below are some highlights from the game, once again broken down by quarter.

Q1: This begins with a nice and brief video montage by CSNNE, spotlighting Jermaine O'Neal.  Other highlights include:

  • Tommy Heinsohn discussing the Celtics' potential as title contenders
  • KG knocking down some jumpers (something he was struggling with in the first two games)
  • Tommy asking how a foul can be called for saying "I love you"
  • Shaq with a nice spin move on Reggie Evans
  • KG with a steal that leads to a Ray Allen fast break lay-up, in which he "pulls a Rondo"
  • KG/Shaq combining on multiple blocks against Evans underneath the hoop (think Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen on Charles Smith, circa Game 5: 1993 ECF) which leads to a Ray Allen up-and-under transition lay-up
  • Andrea Bargnani getting stripped a couple of times, leading to transition baskets
  • A block party by Jermaine O'Neal
  • Rajon Rondo setting up shop in the low post
  • Tommy displaying how he is "fair and balanced" by saying a JO taken-charge was a bad call


Q2: The second quarter begins with a beautiful evening shot of Boston, followed by the Glen Davis "nose contusion" injury.  Other highlights include:

  • Well executed pick-and-roll play with Delonte West and Semih Erden
  • Delonte and Marquis Daniels showing off their driving and slashing abilities
  • A handful of solid defensive sets
  • Nate Robinson drilling some threes
  • Shaq with a solid foul on Julian Wright
  • Big Baby looking a little woozy on the bench
  • Rondo knocking down some jump shots
  • Rondo to Shaq for a pseudo-alley-oop play, and 1
  • Sonny Weems with a violent dunk to end the half


Q3: The second half begins with a Rondo to a cutting Pierce lay-up.  Other highlights include:

  • Rondo with an under-handed alley-oop to Shaq, who throws it down with one hand
  • Pierce draining a baseline jumper in isolation… classic Paul Pierce
  • A nice defensive set that includes everyone working in rhythm
  • Rondo knocking down another baseline jumper
  • Jarret Jack running into "The Big Brick Wall." Ray Ray also feels the brunt of it
  • Delonte with a couple more impressive drives to the basket


Q4:The final stanza begins with a bang, collision actually.  A three-way wreck featuring Semih Erden, Nate Robinson and Jose Calderon leading up to Semih's initiation into the Celtics' technical foul fraternity.  It's actually quite an honor.  Other highlights include:

  • Semih with a two nice feeds to a back-door cutting Marquis
  • Nate with a nice steal, leading himself to a coast-to-coast lay-up
  • Some lively defense by the bench
  • Delonte with a slashing spin-move leading to a Marquis corner three
  • Nate with some unbelievable hang time that should have resulted in an and 1
  • Delonte working the baseline like a fiddle
  • Stephane Lasme's monster tomahawk jam
  • Nate's luck of the Irish three-pointer
  • Rondo and Delonte having some fun during a timeout
  • Delonte's block that ices the game


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  • I had a blast last night. For a preseason game their was alot of intensity and energy in that building. This bench is arguably the best in the league. I know, I know..the season hasn’t started yet, but trust me-our bench is deep son.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    You guys aren’t getting passed Miami and even if that happens, there is now way the Suckdics can’t beat the Lakers in a 7 game series. No matter how deep you think your bench is, old man Shaq is gonna get injured and when he comes back, he’ll kill any type of chemistry. J Oneal is a f’n joke and Perkins won’t be the same. Marquis Daniels is God-awful and Nate Robinson can’t play defense. Trust me, no banner 18 this year son. There will be a banner 17 raised though.

  • who da guy

    i just love this team!

  • Cletics:17 > Fakers:11

    Don’t feed the laker trolls. anyways good game.

  • Cletics:17 > Fakers:11

    Don’t feed the laker trolls. anyways good game.

  • Sweet!

  • stan

    Thank you so much for uploading these highlights. You have no idea how much it means to the fans outside of US. CELTICS!!
    And to the Faker troll: Point taken. See you at #18 victory parade.

  • JShuttlesworth

    Haven’t been this excited about a celtics team since KG and RayRay’s first year. We all know what happened that season…
    Lets raise 18

  • Excellent highlights, keep them coming!

  • laneedstolearnhowtotalk

    yeah. talking trash about injuries, “thass kool”. (adjusted my spelling for your skool system). nice how bynum… wait, when is he coming back?!! and kobe’s knee? wait, maybe his arthritic 84-year-old finger?

  • ShawnCVD

    Joseph with the funny numbers wrote:
    “…there is now way the Suckdics can’t beat the Lakers in a 7 game series.” Other than the “sucdics” part…I agree. There IS NO way the C’s CAN’T beat the Lakers in a 7 Game series…
    Your team analysis was also spot on. The Lakers themselves upgraded their bench beautifully with the addition of Theo “the salary dump” Ratliff and Matt “can’t handle the Truth” Barnes. For part one of the Fakers preview see laneedstolearnhowtotalk.

  • ShawnCVD

    Oh yeah and about your ridiculous name? I agree in a matter of time one of two things will happen.
    1 It will be 18-16 Celtics over Lakers franchise count.
    2 The Lakers of LOS ANGELES could in time have 16 titles. You can’t be for sure how many titles the BOSTON C’s will have by then though.

  • ilaykarabay

    ggoooo Semmiihhh!!!