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Shaq sat out practice today

Again, via Flannery:

The Celtics welcomed back Jermaine O'Neal to practice Saturday, but they were without Shaquille O'Neal who was resting his hip. "That will be an issue on and off at times," Doc Rivers said of Shaq. "We’re prepared for that." 

All the more reason to keep Shaq on the bench.  I know Jermaine O'Neal isn't exactly injury-proof… but if Shaq is going to need to sit from time to time, then you might as well have Jermaine in the starting lineup to maintain some level of continuity with the starters.  

On the plus side, Semih Erden has shown that he might be an option to get 10 or 15 minutes should Shaq need a day off here and there before Perk is ready.  I'm still not 100% sold on Semih getting much burn since it's only been two preseason games… but he's at least proven that he's worth keeping an eye on.

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  • GreenBlood

    I agree with the Erden bit. On paper, this team is really deep. But on reality, with the health issues and the likelihood of either of the 2 O’neals missing games, we’re actually quite thin at the 5 position and isn’t really comfortable with Erden being the main back up C. Don’t get me wrong, sure he’s got the talent and stuff but as was noted, he’s only proven that he’s worth keeping an eye on. Shaq and Erden on C against quick and good offensive players means early fouls as we’ve seen against Brooke Lopez. Really do hope both of Shaq and JO be healthy enough to not miss any games, and if not, only one of them would miss a game at a time. Imagine, heaven forbid, we could end up having just Erden at C with Baby the back up. Makes more sense to keep Lasme as a worst case scenario piece or insurance.