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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc’s already frustrated with the refs


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Doc:  "It's tough for them to play right now.  It's being called so tight right now. It's just a foul fest.  I'm not certain everyone wants to watch that.

Dickerson: "You kind of expect that every preseason when they have this new emphasis on rules?"

Doc: "Yeah, I guess…whatever… it's frustrating to watch."


Reporter:  "You guys are in midseason form with the techs though…"

Doc: "I don't think we are…  Yeah… I don't know what you do.  It is what it is."

Reporter:  "I know you were joking… but that's two in two games for Von…"

Doc: "Yeah… Don't love it (long pause)… I'm just gonna stop there."

CSNNE: Celtics talk: Doc Rivers

This is what I was talking about when I said you didn't miss anything if you missed last night's game.  From the starters coasting at the beginning… to the refs blowing the whistle every chance they got… to some of the typically ugly preseason basketball… this was not fun.

But the refs were very foul happy.  I guess they felt the need to break in their whistles.  And the new tech rules bit the C's in the ass when Nate, Von, and Pierce all got T'd up.  That led to Doc just laughing on the sidelines at the quick trigger and Tommy saying during the broadcast: 

"Technical fouls. you're right Doc… just what the fans want to see. A parade of technicals"

I think the league will back off the quick-trigger techs… but fans also don't want to see players bitching every trip down.  

I'll tell ya… watching the World Basketball Championships this summer was fun because they let guys play.  It's a more physical game, but the play moves.  I don't want to be watching 72 combined free throws every night either.

It'll be interesting to see if Doc has to pay anything for those comments.

On Page 2:  Delonte's back acts up again

"I came in at halftime and felt my lower back pinching," said West. "It's real minor, but the muscle back there was tightening up and I think the tension was pinching the nerve, maybe. It was real uncomfortable. You saw me out there stretching before I went in for the third quarter, I just couldn't move the way I wanted to. It's just precautionary… I got it massaged up and a little ice. Nothing to worry about." 

ESPN Boston:  Postgame notes: Delonte's back flares up

After seeing what Delonte and Nate teamed up to do in the second quarter, it'll be tough to go 10 games without him.  And if this back issue doesn't get cleared up, those won't be the only 10 games he'll miss. 

It's not a big deal now… but we all know how back issues go.  They can be debilitating.  And a little tweak one day can be a major issue another day.  

So here's hoping this thing goes away soon.  Delonte has already shown himself to be one of the most important players on this team… a guy capable of doing a lot of things for you and providing a spark off the bench.  Not having him suited up would hurt.

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  • IanD

    I am more excited every day to have Delonte back this year,I am more excited every day to have Delonte back this year, I always liked him as a player but thought the Celtics were never able to use him properly before because he had to play so much as a true point guard while Rondo was developing. Now with a few more years under his belt and with some proper point guards I think that he is really going to add a lot to the team as a killer combo guard off the bench. I also really like what Doc said about how much toughness he is going to add to the bench. Welcome back D-West!

  • mileke

    i was frustrated with the refs when they thought of this !

  • thetitleisours

    You think they would give it a rest after cheating us in game 7 😉

  • C’mon now Doc. Officiating wasn’t that bad.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Cheating? HAHAHAHA. You guys lost!!! don’t blame the f*cking refs. that’s the biggest p*ssy move. You guys blew it in the fourth quarter. What were the Suckdics known for last season? Blowing games in the fourth quarter and it bit them in the a** in game 7.
    Unbelievable. Boston Suckdics and their fans are already b*tching about the refs and it’s f’n preseason.

  • unbiased

    precisely. the celtics only have themselves to blame. as a fan of the NBA, i hate when players, coaches, and fans blame the refs for calling fouls – they’re FOULS! and refs have the BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE. if it even looks like a foul, the refs should call it. In all honesty, i feel like the celtics get lucky that they don’t get called for MORE fouls during the course of a game, with the type of defense that they play. save for the unfortunate hire of tim donaghy, i think that the refs do a pretty good job, night in and night out. you can’t control the refs whistles, but you CAN control yourself when you reach in, slap someone’s forearm/hand/wrist, or when you move on a pick (which the celtics never get called for).

  • Jon with no H

    “or when you move on a pick (which the celtics never get called for).”
    I take it your name is “unbiased” because you don’t actually watch Celtics games. Perkins gets called for illegal screens about twice a game.