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Why the hell is Paul Pierce wearing a wig?


I knew something was going on when Shaq sent out a tweet saying he was hanging out with Paul Pierce's crazy cousin "the lie."

A short time later, he sent out the above photo.

Lord help us.

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  • ok. This is getting a bit odd. Let’s start the season already.

  • AMP

    Is he Randy Moss for Halloween?

  • LOL… this team is crazy. I mean… CRAZY. Jesus.

  • jared

    these guys have too much time on their hands. way too much time.

  • the-green-monster

    just relax everybody why can’t they have some fun. just because they make a lot of money that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun. i don’t have any problem with that. this team is building great chemistry. they know when to have fun and when to get serious. goooooo celtics.