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Doc may not quit after this season

“Two years ago, I didn’t have that thought,” Rivers told Yahoo! Sports. “But clearly this summer, I had that thought a lot. It’s because of the organization. Even after [the Big Three] leave, I still have that relationship and it’s going to allow us to be good again. If I’m going to stay in it without taking a break, it would be tough for me to go anywhere else. We’ve talked about [an extension], but I just want to wait. But to be a career Celtics coach is something I think about. I’ve learned: You don’t have what we have here somewhere else.”


Hmmm… well now ain't that a change of pace from everything we've heard this offseason.  That's an incredible change of tune for a guy who kept us all hanging this summer and wondering if he'd really be back this year. 

I'll only say this about Doc… and it repeats things I've said in the past.  I'm not so sure he's the right guy to coach the team if it's in rebuilding mode.  Doc relies on his veterans to keep things together in the locker room.  We saw how frustrated he got with the team before the KG trade.  He believes in player responsibility… and that's a tough sell on a lot of younger guys. 

But if this team is going to have solid veteran leadership, then Doc is the perfect guy for the team.  Miami, which is mentioned in that article, would be a PERFECT spot for Doc to land because he's not phased by those egos.  Honestly, who's got bigger egos than the guys he's been coaching?  

It seems as though Doc is just keeping his options open.  Which is good.  When you have that luxury in life… you should do that.  I won't begrudge him one bit for doing so.  I'd like to see Doc stick around with this unit because I've got a ton of respect for the guy.  It's just nice to see that sticking around seems to be a legit option for him.

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  • jared

    Please someone just give the guy a shit-ton of cash and make him stay. Who else could any of us possibly see as Celtics head coach in the foreseeable future?

  • Lee in Oregon

    He’s obviously open to extending, which is great for the C’s. Doc is flat-out excellent. Loved the way he developed young guys, love how he handles vets. Also good with the x’s and o’s. Most importantly, Doc has a fantastic rep with players (free agents)….they want to play for him.

  • greenbeand

    somewhere in florida i could see doc taking a cozy gm job or maybe even coaching in miami?

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s not a just a matter of time)

    He wants to coach Miami. That’s his next best chance for a ring. After Miami loses to the Lakers in the Finals, they will fire Erik Spoelstra and be looking for a coach.

  • green8teen

    no no, you got it all wrong. phil jackson is the next coach there because jackson only coaches teams guaranteed to be good so he can get way more credit than he deserves.
    once kobe’s gone and the lakers are garbage like they will be…

  • Hey guys let´s begin something for doc stay in boston.
    Collect some Signature or something like that.
    Maybe let him stay away for some months
    to stay with his family and lawerence coach in this time.
    I dont know,but i´m sure i would hate to see him go.

  • Lee in Oregon

    That greaser Riley will be coaching Miami as soon as Spoelstra decides to “spend more time with his family”.

  • Kvasek

    Well, I never expected him to. Big three is done in two years. That’s the soonest he will quit.

  • greenbeand

    riles can’t up w/the daily grind. look for a magic meltdown in orlando or doc asking 10 mill/yr. one of those could be a factor.

  • ShawnCVD

    Right the F on with that one…screw Phil