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Celtics vs Nets Highlights

Jay October 8, 2010 Uncategorized 7 Comments

Last night's game between the Celtics and Nets was downright ugly at times, let's not kid ourselves.  However, there were surprisingly a number of highlights from each quarter.  Since this was the case, I've decided to separate the highlights by quarter for this game.

Q1: Begins with a hysterical Greg Dickerson/Rajon Rondo interview clip, with Rondo providing a short answer to his question about how good the bench will be this season.  Mike Gorman can't help but chime in shortly after.  Other highlights:

  • Good defense followed up with solid transition/fast break plays
  • Rondo and KG working the old Antoine Walker/Paul Pierce transition sealed-off post play'
  • Shaq backing down Brook Lopez for the power slam, reverting into Orlando Shaq
  • Tommy Heinsohn gives Mike Gorman a technical foul, not a Tommy Point
  • Pierce with a tough drive to the basket, and 1
  • Ray Allen with a smooth reverse left-handed lay-in


Q2: The second quarter begins with Gorman comparing it to a Snickers bar, which draws a bit of snickering from Tommy.  These two are the best announcing duo in sports, hands down.  Other highlights include:

  • How the bench brought the C's back to life on both ends of the court
  • Big Baby scoring with deep jumpers, and solid post play
  • Marquis Daniels driving to the basket for the lay-up, and 1
  • Semih Erden playing good post defense, boxing out, rebounding and being generally active
  • Semih's Kevin McHale-esque spin move for the left-handed lay-in
  • Nate Robinson hitting transition and spot-up threes
  • Quis, and Nate diving for a loose ball
  • Tommy sharing Doc's feeling about the "parade of technical fouls" being called
  • Derrick Favors missing a power jam, leading to Delonte West drilling a three in transition
  • A cornucopia of Delonte and Big Baby offensive sets leading to baskets, highlighted by a sensational two-handed Big Baby slam to end the half
  • Big Baby leaves KG hanging on a high-five


Q3: The second half begins with a sweet Ray Allen jumper, followed by a Paul Pierce three baseline three, from an baseline dead-ball play.  Rondo hit them both up.  Other highlights include:

  • An active Shaq put-back
  • Paul Pierce partying like it's 1999 (rookie year) with a beautiful transition spin-move for the lay-in
  • Pierce diving for the loose ball, earning a Tommy Point
  • Shaq with a power and 1 lay-up
  • Pierce with an up-and-under reverse lay-in
  • Mike and Tommy dissect a solid screen set by Erden, who was whistled for a foul
  • Three consecutive quality defensive sets, with Big Baby playing a key role in each


Q4: The final quarter begins with Nate finding Luke Harangody for a nice drive, then another drive to the basket by Marquis.  Other highlights include:

  • Stephane Lasme with the active weak-side help defense
  • Lasme's activity on the offensive glass, leading to a Nate three
  • Marquis Daniels' clutch three-pointer to seal the win
  • Nate's icing-on-the-winning-cake free throws
  • Some funny facial expressions by Avery Johnson and Brook Lopez
  • Big Baby saying hello to the TV audience in an interesting way


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  • Washington

    Thanks for posting these. I’m a Bostonian transplanted in Tennessee and never get to see these games. Thanks!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p0120a53e7d0f970b Skitchy

    oh,that’s so great, this post is… thanks from russia for having a chance to see it

  • Brian

    Yes, thank you redsarmy very much for putting preseason coverage on your site. Former Bostonian now living in North Carolina but still a HUGE C’s fan. Have been following your site for about 4-5 years now as well. Thanks again guys. Peace.

  • Mike B.

    HUUUUGE thanks to you for posting these videos! I’m outside the Boston area and I’m always working when the games are on so I can’t even catch a streaming version. You are a SAINT!

  • mic

    Loving it all the way from Australia. Big thanks!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/mrtripledouble10 MrTripleDouble10

    I’m very glad to see that you enjoy the clips/recaps. I will continue to provide them as time allows. It may take a little longer than the official sites (celtics.com, nba.com) but they should be up on most nights at some point. Keep checking the site on the day after a game!

  • Josh

    reds army – the GREATEST!!
    im originally from boston, currently travelling the world as part of the air force so i really dont get to see many celtics games at all. awesome highlites fellas. keep up the great work