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Your Morning Dump… Where ball pressure is a good thing

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

After noting that Boston's field-goal percentage defense had dropped from best in the league to ninth overall last season, Celtics coach Doc Rivers suggested last week at training camp that increased ball pressure would force opposing teams to start possessions with less time on the shot clock and aid Boston in reestablishing itself as one of the top defensive teams in the league.

"I didn't really know what to expect, but our defense was phenomenal," said Rivers. "Just the ball pressure that I thought Nate [Robinson] and [Rajon] Rondo put on the ball allowed everybody else to kind of do their job. So I was really happy… Defensively, you know, if we can play with that type of intensity and that type of ball pressure every night, we're going to be tough to score on."

ESPN Boston

The 76ers looked like a team expecting the Celtics to take it easy in their pre-season opener. Instead, they were greeted with defensive intensity worthy of a playoff game.

Every guy in green was active and it showed in the box score; steals (11), blocked shots (4) and forced turnovers (21). 

Rajon Rondo toyed with Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner in the same way I toy with my two sons. It appeared he could have stripped either of them at will.

On Page 2, updates on the injuries.

He (Rondo) told that the wrap was merely a precautionary measure, and added that he was expecting to play Thursday night at New Jersey.

Rondo didn't say how he injured his hand, but coach Doc Rivers said it has been bothering Rondo for a couple days. "He either fell on it or someone hit it [on Wednesday]," Rivers said.

"He (Pierce) was sick. I really think he went to see the baseball game," quipped Rivers. "But he said he was sick."

CSNNE – Rondo, Pierce sit with minor health issues

Sounds like those guys are fine.

While Jermaine O'Neal (hamstring) is being kept off the court, Sherrod Blakely reports that he's able to work on his conditioning.

Avery Bradley says he's ready to return to practice, but the Celtics continue to say they don't want to rush him back. Can someone remind the staff his surgery was in July?

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  • CFH

    Speaking of injuries, did they ever say how Big Baby ended up with blood on his uniform? He obviously wasn’t hurt, but it looked so weird.

  • could have been a scratch on his arm or on someone else.

  • MAM

    Does anyone know why Marquis was wearing number 8 last night??

  • Fellas… is it just me or is this 2k11 play rating completely stupid? Look at the point guard ratings… how could they rate Chris Paul that much higher than Rondo?!
    and Amir JOHNSON?!!! WHAT?

  • CFH

    Jermaine O’Neal really wanted 7, and Marquis thought he should have a fresh number for a fresh start anyway, so he changed.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Herald is reporting Bradley may spend time with Red Claws.

  • ShawnCVD

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhooohhhhhhcccckkkk-ing! When the C’s are healthy all rookies will spend time with the Red Claws. The C’s 2nd unit would start on an average team. Add Von Wafer and Bradley is fourth on the depth chart at both guards.

  • Jason

    Two lobs to Shaq. Four points you would never get with Perk.

  • Lebron’slittlebrotherDelonteJames

    rondo and nate are polaying good d but they need to learn not to reach as much bc that will lead to fouls as well as getting beat to the basket, just play good straight up d and gamble everyonce in a while

  • bostonfanatheart

    rondo is rated the third best point guard behind chris paul and darren williams, who are both much better shooters than rondo. i can live with this, but i am looking forward to rondo showing everyone why he should be number 1 this year.

  • We could put the other 4 starters on the bench along with Perkins and still beat that Sixers team they put out last night.