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Tim Kurkjian calls out the NBA

If you didn't notice last night, Phillies ace Roy Halladay tossed a no hitter in his first ever post-season start. It's only the second no-no in postseason history (Don Larsen – Perfect Gae in 1956 World Series). 

Amazing feat.  And ESPN's Tim Kurkjian has been all over the TV saying you wouldn't get this kind of story in  any other sport… naming the NBA in particular.  

Now… I know Timmy is a baseball purist and loves the game more than anything.  So I'm not gonna outright bash the guy for loving an amazing moment.  But I am going to call him out for being overzealous and saying the NBA is not capable of producing a similarly transcendent performance in a first round game. 

I asked the question on Twitter… wondering what it would take to match Halladay's performance in an NBA first round playoff game? 

I got 2 answers that struck me:  A quadruple-double… and Kobe's 81 point game.  

Could an NBA player drop a quad-dub in first round game?  Absolutely.  I'm sorry if this pisses some people off… but LeBron is the first name that comes to mind when I think that.  Isn't it possible that LeBron could take Miami… probably a 1 or 2 seed this year at worst… for a quad-dub ride against a crappy 7th or 8th seed?  Likely?  No.  But possible?  Yes.  

Same with 60 or 70 point game.  Can't you see Kevin Durant catching fire and going for 50 or 60… or more in a transcendent first round game?  

What Roy Halladay did was so amazing, it was only the second time it happened in the sport's history.  But to flat out say that the NBA is not capable of such a performance is a little overboard.

So what do you think?  Is the NBA capable of matching Halladay?  What kind of performance would it take to present to Kurkjian and change his mind?

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  • Onions

    MJ dropping 63 against the legendary Celtics in the first round…
    That Lebron game against Detroit where he completely put the team on his back and scored something ridiculous like 30 straight Cavs points

  • Lee in Oregon

    Tough issue cause baseball is so different from other team sports. The “perfect game” is basketball would be a triple double (on perfect shooting from the field & line), while completely shutting down whoever you happen to be covering defensivly.
    I think there’s only been like 2 quad-doubles (Nate Thurmond had one & Alvin Robertson the other? Mabe it was Fat Lever? I think Kobes 81 was against Toronto….does that even count?

  • djisinthehall

    Rondo doesn’t come to mind in a quad dub?
    I’d pick Rondo over Jabroni to do it.

  • I think Kirkjian is one of the best in his business, however he crossed the line here. My retort would be to ask how the steroid era’s been treatin him.

  • BruteFarce

    Baseball is a sport reliant on individual performances. There CAN be no direct comparison because basketball, ideally, is a team sport. Individual performances in basketball, while breathtaking at times, belie the notion of the game. It’s inherently selfish to have a superstar game in basketball (read Miami’s inevitable red giant star collapse). I’d take a solid team performance over a triple-double any day.

  • NateDiP

    I’m a basketball guy but I have to agree to Tim on this one.
    This was Roy Halladay’s first playoff appearance ever. Second playoff no hitter ever.
    If Lebron dropped a quadruple double in his first playoff game ever then yes it would be equivalent.
    Throwing a no hitter in your first post season game is hard to top.
    If Kobe dropped 50 in a playoff game with 1.0 shooting % that might do it.

  • The dream and Mr. robinson also had quad’s only 4 in history

  • green8teen

    olajuwon had at least one. might have had more.

  • green8teen

    how many no-hitter’s have there been in baseball this year? i mean the guy (halladay) threw one himself earlier this year. and it’s not like the reds really scare anyone. if it was against the yankees lineup…i’d be way more impressed. the reds have like, 4 people your average sports fan can name (if that).
    timmy’s statement is way overboard. baseball is a broken sport anyways, between the lack of a salary cap (by far the biggest fault), the awful umpiring on a consistent basis… i mean just look at the 2 world series teams last year. both the phillies and yankees JUST built new stadiums to cater to their lineups. a routine fly to right field in yankee stadium is a homerun. it’s kind of pathetic.
    i love baseball and everything, but its so far and away different from the other 3 big sports here that it is just dumb to compare. kurkjian sounds like an idiot to me (like most baseball ‘experts’ it seems.

  • Scott

    Sort of like NateDip said…it would have to be something like MJ’s 63 or Kobe’s 81 in a player’s FIRST playoff game ever.
    It’s technically possible, but pretty close to impossible in today’s game. Kurkjian makes a valid point in this sense.

  • Excellent point about individual performance. In fact, only baseball pitchers and golfers would compare in our modern ‘team’ games.

  • Scott

    Your point about the salary cap and the Phillies/Yankees having new stadiums is completely incorrect.
    Look it up. Baseball actually has the most parity out of the 4 major sports in terms of different teams making the playoffs/winning championships. Check your facts next time.
    Additionally, the umpiring is typically pretty good. They are instituting further instant replay to get critical calls right, but the human element is part of the game.
    And Kurkjian is actually one of the most respected in the business…pretty far from an idiot. You sound like you just don’t enjoy baseball or watch it…in which case I don’t know how you’d know anything about how the umpiring is.

  • Scott

    The Yankee/Phillies point being incorrect because both teams in a game play in the same park. Those routine fly balls are hit by both teams.

  • What Roy did is amazing, and his history certainly adds to the allure of the story. He’s the nice guy, somewhat odd circumstances during his career. And Tim is a top class writer, one of the best.
    But for Tim to take a shot at hoops has nothing to do with the NBA in my mind. It is more about stepping on something else to make you feel better. He may just dislike the NBA for whatever reason, (racist, right LeBron?). I just think it was a slip of Tim’s that makes an interesting sound byte. Baseball, America and apple pie, right or wrong.. maybe add gorilla hormone to that list. Hardly the image that the NBA has garnered, right or wrong.
    It’s the same crap I hear from my in-laws, from other folks who don’t or haven’t watched the NBA since MJ retired and the likes of Rodman and Iverson took over the headlines.

  • green8teen

    right so being used to your home-field doesn’t make a difference?
    no, the umpiring isn’t “typically pretty good” because just ONE bad call that could be corrected by replay but is not because selig is old as fuck and fears change, in my opinion makes umpiring a problem for baseball. there’s a pitcher for the tigers who might agree with me. and it happened NUMEROUS times in the playoffs last year.
    kurkjian is not an idiot, he just sounds like one here with the blanket statement he made. i love baseball, but i can easily see its faults.
    i’m not trying to bash it as much as it seems like you think i am. again, i love baseball, but in my opinion MLB is broken until a salary cap gets put in. the other stuff i can live with, because any sport is gonna have its issues (refs in basketball anyone?)

  • Warren S

    Just a bit of on the facts here. The Reds have the HIGHEST team batting average in the national League ,272 the Yanks only .267 which by the way is SEVENTH in the AL!
    I would not be dissin the Reds lineup quite so fast!!

  • green8teen

    hey, i want the reds to win the world series, i actually love their team. but don’t act like they are an offensive jugernaut. they are not. plus the NL as a whole is just inferior to the AL in terms of batting.

  • daemian

    the entire series against the bulls 2 years ago was outright breathtaking. Would anyone describe baseball as breathtaking? Baseball is, at best, 50% boring as hell. Often it’s a lot more boring than exciting. He’s comparing the night of one player to an entire basketball league? I don’t understand. Does anyone take him seriously? He sounds deranged.
    Basketball is as think-on-the-fly as any sport you can imagine. It requires constant motion and constant thought. Baseball is for people who like to watch other people standing around. Screw this guy.

  • Scott

    Again, obviously not someone who appreciates the subtleties of baseball.

  • the amazing thing is not that Halladay threw the first post season no-hitter in over 50 years, but the fact that no one else has.

  • jared


  • cmoney

    It’s a dumb point because a 1 walk, 8K no hitter is objectively valuable. There’s no “bad” no hitter. Whereas no triple doubles are created equally. A 30/10/10/10 game might come at the cost of a 10-30 night from the floor with 8 turnovers and stealing rebounds from teammates just to pad your stats. A 28/8/8/6 game on 10-12 shooting with no turnovers is a much better game, just not as flashy a box score.
    If the ’09 Cavs had won the ‘ship, and LeBron’s performance remained as high as it was through the first 3 rounds, I would put that up there. It gets lost in the shuffle because they got bumped (and even stupidly used as evidence AGAINST LeBron’s greatness), but the man put up one of the best 14 game playoff stretches ever. It sure wasn’t his fault they lost.

  • jared

    Im sorry if I piss off all of you baseball fans, but I, for one, am sick and tired of the sanctimonious bullshit these baseball writers, and often fans, spew on a daily basis. I get it. Baseball is the height of human achievement, the greatest sport in the Milky Way, the only game that matters. Its also as exciting and interesting as watching grass grow.
    Also, if another Red Sox fan ever again asks me why I watch “that jungle ball”, there will be some serious face-on-pavement action.

  • ShawnCVD

    Calling Basketball “Jungle Ball” is demonstrably racist.

  • ShawnCVD

    I like both sports. Baseball is so different that it creates achievements that really cannot be measured by other sports. It’s also a stat mavens dream.
    Furthermore of all the routine moves in the big three sports (throwing/catching, tackling, shooting, running, blocking, dribbling, deflecting, etc) batting is the hardest. You fail at that 75% of the time and you are an average MBL player. Fail 67% and your considered elite.
    Halladay had a legendary night for sure.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Thurmond, Robertson, Olajuwon, and David Robinson. Those are the 4 in NBA history.
    More common than a playoff no-hitter, but still very rare.