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Recap: The bench did what it was supposed to do


The starters seemed to coast through the first few minutes of the first quarter of tonight's game in New Jersey… so it was up to the bench to get the job done.  And get it done they did. 

Delonte West had 12 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and a steal as the bench mob helped erase an early 9 point Nets lead and ultimately… a 4 point Celtics win.  Delonte looked good… and in that comeback stretch teamed up with Nate Robinson on a killer shooting stretch

Glen Davis led the Celtics with 20 points.  Nate added 17.  Pierce led the starters with 15 points in 18 minutes… including a vintage spin move into an and-1.  Marquis Daniels had 9 and 4… including a 3 (I know… a 3!) to seal the win.

Shaq was kinda blah in the first quarter, but he did some damage in the third to finish with 8 and 5.  KG, Ray and Rondo were OK… but did nothing special.  Though Rondo did have 7 assists in 18 minutes.

Semih Erden showed some more flashes of good play, but he was nowhere near what he was last night.  Von Wafer did absolutely nothing.

This was kind of a crappy game.  If you missed it… be glad.  You didn't miss much at all.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Delonte ok? He left early.
    Semih is already “not a project”. Loved Delonte & Nate together. You’re right about Von, other than get T’d up, he hasnt done much. They’re pretty thick at the guard spot, do they take a chance and drop Von and give the spot to Lasme?

  • ShawnCVD

    Should anything be wrong with Delonte he’ll have his ten game suspension to heal it up. For the sake of getting PT with Nate before the regular season I hope he’s OK though.
    Baby played phenomenal tonight. Active, aggressive and instead of getting blocked on he was drawing fouls. Shaq can stay in the starting line up if Baby is going to be this nifty around the rim. Jermain can then be stretching the opposing center away from the post so as not to harass Baby and drives from Quis/Nate/Delonte.

  • mileke

    yea i think they should gone and drop Von for Lasme, Lasme has proven he can play under the pressure of the NBA, Von went the whole training camp without makin a 3 and thats what we picked him up for, and his defense is already pooh cheese, so i say take the chance with Lasme, plus he’s a big, and can play the 3 behind pierce and marquis, that would be beautiful, i still like Von but he has to find somewhere else to clinch on thisx time, good win yesteday bench, we need a bench that played the way ya’ll played yesterday !

  • yes, Lasme seems to be just the type of player this team lacks. We need someone with that type of length, youth, hustle and if later we find out he can actually make a jump shot, all the better.

  • Lasme looked strong, just really strong. I don’t know if he’ll get minutes but he just looked solid. If the C’s don’t keep him we’ll see him on the floor this year.
    Definitely glad I DVR’d it and could skip most of it though.. rough one to sit through.

  • The only page I could find with Stephane Lasme’s stats.
    note over 5 blocks a game senior year at UMass..