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A great way to killl 15 minutes


Bored to death at work and want to kill some time?

How about naming the Celtics starting five for each season from 1970 – 2010?

I'm embarassed at my performance – 147 out of 200. I had a difficult time with the 70s and 90s.

Click here to play.

Share your scores in the comments below.

(Thanks to Josh)

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  • Don’t be to embarrassed by the 90’s so many starting 5s during the same seasons…
    I got 183, solely because of my unhealthy obsession with the Cowens era..
    Thanks for posting this, I thought it was indeed a pretty good way to kill 15 min.

  • bring back vitaly

    ouch, forgot some easy ones(namely big Raef)
    and the 70s really hurt me
    all in all, tho, a well spent 15 minutes

  • ComputerSnacks

    I got to about 127, but with about 3:30 left, I gave up and decided to pay attention to the work messages I was getting. It wouldn’t have helped. I completely forgot about guys like Todd Day and Sherman Douglas.
    I wasn’t around in the 70s to know them that well…

  • You got 156 out of 200 Boston Celtics Starting 5 from 1970-2010.
    don chaney killed me so did putting nate instead of tiny, forgot big al and D.West How How HOW
    83-95 perfect

  • Ben

    150. Forgot Eric Williams, vitaly, tony battie, gomes.

  • Lee in Oregon

    144…..I spent about 2 minutes tryin to type Nate Archibald and I finally gave up…..turns out they were lookin for Tiny. I forgot Ryan Gomes and a bunch of guys from the Carr-Little Ricky era too…..I think subconsciously my mind is trying to erase the memory. I also typed John Bagley afew times and coudnt get a hit. The funny thing is- I loved Charley Scott as a kid, and today I couldnt remember his name. Betrayed by the medicinal.

  • Adam

    156… The 1970’s killed me.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Just did the retired #’s quiz….only missed 1 guy…#22..not as “EASY” as you might think.

  • ShawnCVD

    126…I am a terrible speller and I botched the 70’s plus forgot about various bums from the Pati-NO era. Also forgot Gamble and Tadd Day in the late 80’s.

  • 126 also. Forgot about Ricky Davis and some of the guys he played with.

  • who da guy

    damn dave cowens…why did i forget ur name

  • Lee in Oregon

    Not entirely accurate….they list McHale as a starter in 83-84 when he came off the bench (Max started at the 4. Gerald Henderson started all year at guard, he’s not listed. no respect for Gerald after the amazing steal against L.A.?

  • I got a 145 and missed some tough ones in the 90’s…I was around those teams so much that I feel I should have nailed that decade (as sad as those times were).
    I must have entered Acie Earl 1,000 times before finally admitting he didn’t start. He did, however, have the most smoking hot girlfriend in Celtics history.
    What’s up with all the Todd – and Tadd – Day mentions on here? That guy barely started for us.