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NBA GMs have little love for the Celtics

Does defense win championships? The answer is no… if you want to put any stock in the results from the NBA's annual survey of general managers.

75% proclaimed the Celtics the best defensive team in the league, yet only 3.7% pick the Celtics to win the championship (Lakers 63%, Miami 33.3%).

The GMs overwhelmingly selected Miami (70.4%) as the likely Eastern Conference champion (Celtics 18.5%, Orlando 11.1%).

While Rajon Rondo did not receive a vote for best point guard (Deron Williams, CP3, Nash and Billups), he was named best on-ball defender, best at defending the passing lanes and 3rd best perimeter defender.

Ray Allen was named best pure shooter and best player who moves without the ball.

Before you get pissed off, NBA insider Ric Bucher wants everyone to know:

Something to keep in mind, re: NBA GM Survey: 1) Some GMs have an underling fill it out. 2) Their predictive batting avg is .500. At best.

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  • AMP

    Gosh, not even a mention of Paul Pierce.

  • Jason

    Billups? Man, he is overrated. The guy is a big, strong PG. He can shoot. He’s pretty smart/savvy. And he seems calm under pressure. But c’mon the guy does not produce like a top 5 PG. He does not dominate (or orchestrate) games like other top PGs do. And he is not Mr. Big Shot either. Does he even try to defend?
    Nice PG, but I’m stunned he was on that list.

  • Foa

    The Heat hasn’t played a single meaningful game and yet they are favored to win the East? Good luck with the d-league bench of theirs

  • ShawnCVD

    Celtics thrive when underestimated…Bring it on!

  • What a joke defense in the playoffs is the Key along with vets who are proven winners. That’s the Celtics in a nutshell.

  • mileke

    defense dont win championships because ya’ll tryna find every way possible to say the HEAT will win it all…. i believe in 2008 we had the best defense in thhe league and won the title.. and i believe thisx year we had the best defense in the playoffs up until PERKINS got hurt in GAME 6 then lakers slowly took the edge on defense and won the title… but yet they must find a way to hold the celtics under the ground but its ok because the celtics ”Thrive To Be The Best When Underestimated” so just keep talkin,, and Aaron Brooks Is better than Chauncey, how can RONDO not be in the top 3?? anyway celtics all the wayy !

  • Copy that!