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ESPN continues tongue bath of Heat


In what must be an attempt to piss off the 29 other teams in the NBA, ESPN is adding to its already  over-the-top coverage of the Miami Heat.

Not only will they bombard us with incessant television coverage of the Heat, but we'll also find that same drivel online.

The "Heat Index" launches October 11th.

According to the ESPN Media Zone Press Release, the site will include

  • Chase for 72 – an automated, daily forecast of how many games the Heat will win including’s John Hollinger projecting the odds of the Heat matching the Chicago Bulls’ record of 72 wins;
  • Tracking the Big 3 – an automated tracking of how James, Wade and Bosh stack up against the best trios in NBA history;
  • Heat Tweets – a module that collects tweets from Heat players and fans;
  • Triple-Double Tracker – a module tracking James’ progress towards averaging a triple-double for an entire season;
  • The Scene – Jemele Hill covering the culture, scene and lifestyle angles tied to South Beach as it relates to the Heat and the buzz surrounding the team;

Not sure what offends me more, a "Chase for 72" feature to start the season or the notion anyone would read/watch Jemele Hill's South Beach lifestyle reports.

The Triple Double Tracker, however, is perfect for an egomaniac like LeBron.

From a business perspective, this is pure gold. The Heat Index will probably generate millions of monthly page views and more coin for

But as an NBA fan, I want to know if anyone wearing a suit in Bristol is allowed to say – "This might be overkill," – in a development meeting.

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  • I can’t stand Jemele Hill so this page on ESPN will be easy to avoid.
    ESPN is going way over the top on this one – a 72 wins tracker? C’mon.
    I think I’m going to go on Miami’s craigslist and post my tickets for Oct. 26 for $10,000 and see if some South Beach lifestyle-er will pay. Heck, I’ll even spring for airfare.

  • Ben

    I think Hill’s column is the most offensive thing out of this all, which says more about her then ESPN and the heat

  • Ben, I totally agree.

  • I hated ESPN before, I hate it even more now.
    And I was indifferent about the so-called three kings, now I just hope someone beats the crap out of them. It’s outrageous, especially the thought they will automatically go near or surpass the 72-game win mark.

  • well hopefully they’ll be starting the season 0-1 so thats a start towards 72…

  • mileke

    im so sick of people talkin about the sorry ass HEAT,, talent never wins, its teamwork,, we proved that when LEBRON was still with the CAVALIERS and everybody thought they were goin all the way,, sure LEBRONS arrival in MIAMI will increase their progress in the REG. season,, but we have proven best REG. season RECORD dont mean anything in the PLAYOFFS,, so let them win 72 games, more, or less,, long as they start off their championship season 0-1 and that is just what will happen come OCTOBER 26th,, by the way CHICAGO has made better moves to me then MIAMI,, just thought i’ll point that out,, dont nobody talk about what CHICAGO’s doin,, especially if they get CARMELO,, and i dont understand how can you disrespect the EASTERN CONFERENCE champions by saying the HEAT will win it all,, but its okk WE like bein the UNDERDOGS,, CELTICS 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS, people who are depending on MIAMI will be very heart broke come JUNE 2011,, DONT nobody talk about what BOSTON did, or the KNICKS,, or even NETS,, but all thisx talk about MIAMI,, ugh it makes me sick!!!

  • ShawnCVD

    When all is said and done, this could all go down as a turning point when sports became spectacle. Where popularity is viewed more important than excellence. Where individual self promotion trumps team work. Hopefully Kevin Durant becomes the face of the NBA/class/reason and not these douches.

  • FSantos

    None of you guys remember how much hype and coverage our own big 3 received three years ago? It was a lot and I Loved every minute of it. Of course with Miami’s big 3 they are coming in differently especially LeBron. Plus now with the internet being so mainstream with all the different networking these Miami Trio is at another level compared to 2008. To me it’s expected hype because this has never happened before and the media networks are taking full advantage of it. It’s job security folks that’s all. I can careless one way or another. As long as the Celtics beat Miami in the playoffs then the hype is over. I can careless, let the Heat have all the attention, it will be fun to see how they handle the pressure night in and night out like they are ten time champions. See if they can Gel quickly and play like a team. Can’t wait until opening night!!

  • lebronslittlebrotherDelonteJames

    dwayne wade doesn’t look happy that hes not sitting in the middle maybe he’s already feeling the hate for being backseat to lebron in all the publicity

  • Heat win no more than 62.

  • jared

    I agree, and I think it speaks volumes about the state of the NBA under Stern and the majority of ownership. Unfortunately, owners have decided that instead of taking up the hard work and dedication of building a real base of fans and supporters, they have decided to go with cheap publicity, spectacle and hype for a chosen few. This is bad for long term high level ball in general, as well as financially in the medium to long term.

  • Jim Benett

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