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Your Morning Dump… Where KG wants it in the post

Kg hangs from net

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Kevin Garnett, already having a strong camp, bid Salve Regina adieu yesterday with an overpowering performance during a practice game.

Most notably, the sometimes reluctant post player did most of his damage inside.

“If we had that post game that he gave us today last year, we would have been a remarkable basketball team,” coach Doc Rivers said. “That’s where you can see it’s the confidence part. Last year, I don’t think he ever had the confidence to go to the post. He didn’t like it down there. This year he wants it down there and he’s being a factor.”

Herald: KG heads home on strong note

I'll take "things that get me irrationally excited" for $400, Alex. 

KG doesn't play in the post as much as most people would like.  But that's been OK because he can be deadly from mid-range.  However, the ability to dump the ball into KG and have him break someone down on the blocks would be huge, for obvious reasons.  Anything that gives Ray or Paul an extra half second to shoot will do wonders for their FG%.

Think of what KG did to Antawn Jamison in the playoffs.  Imagine having that on a nightly basis.  

On Page 2, KG is looking for new meat

“You beat up on each other so much that you’re almost looking for new meat, as we say, to beat up on,’’ said Kevin Garnett. “It’ll be good to go up against some opposition, travel a little bit, see some cities, see how the young guys act. Not just in the cities, but in the games. So it should be fun.’’

After testing his players’ conditioning with double sessions when camp opened Tuesday, Rivers said he was pleased with the rest of the workouts.

“It was good to get them in the gym together,’’ Rivers said. “I thought everybody came back with a great attitude, a great focus, and for one week we actually got a lot of good stuff in. So I’m actually very happy.’’

Globe: Keeping a running count adds to spirited competition

By all accounts, this has been a great week for the C's.  I don't know what else to add without launching into giddiness.  So I'll just say we're looking forward to the games too, KG. 

So glad to have basketball back. 

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  • ShawnCVD

    If KG starts busting fools on the blocks them JO wins starting nod for sure. Not that it was ever in any doubt …

  • jared

    Solid post. Totally agree– irrationally excited, but hell, better to be that than guardedly optimistic or
    dare I say, sullenly downcast.
    We got two more years of what I now would call a classic celtics squad. i fully intend to squeeze every last ounce of enjoyment out of it.