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This is not a great look for Scal

Scal bulls

KWAPT posted this on his Facebook page and it's been a big hit there… so I figured we'd share it with the world. 

To quote our buddy Andreas:  "lots of red and white in that photo..lots of it!"

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    That’s alotta red.

  • cez

    The carpet FINALLY matches the Drapes!!!

  • eathan


  • So now Boozer gets hurt which means he won’t be in uniform when Chicago first comes to Boston early in the season. You know what that means..Scal’s triumphant return to the parquet baby. Get your tickets now folks…

  • Lee in Oregon

    Booze now claims he didnt lie to the blind guy in Cleveland. Thanks to Lebron few people will remember him screwing over the Cavs.

  • namamangha

    Scal in bulls uniform reminds me of sakuragi hanamichi

  • Yeah I know right? Man, poor Cleveland. *scratches head and shrugs*