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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo says he’s the best and Shaq bleeping agrees


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“I feel I’m the best at what I do, and that’s how I play it,” the Celtics point guard said following yesterday’s practice at Salve Regina. “People know who I am, but that’s not why I play. I play to be the best.

“I’m the best, hands down. There’s no speculation. Not top three or top five, I’m the best.”

Herald – Rondo's a talking point

I wouldn't be surprised if these comments garnered some national attention. But around here, it's just Rondo being Rondo.

He's confident… and that's a good thing.

Shaq had some (bleeping) compliments for Rondo and the rest of the (bleeping) Celtics:

“Being the big man and being the enforcer, he was killing us, so I had to touch him up, you know?” Shaq said. “But I knew he was a tough kid because he kept coming at me. He kept coming at me. A lot of times when you touch people up, they have a choice to make. You know, ‘I don’t want to get fouled by Shaq again,’ and you make them go somewhere else. That (bleep) kept coming.”

“We didn’t plan for him at all,” he said. “And then when he (bleep) tore us a new (bleep), we had to plan for him. That’s what I really like about this team – that you can tell that they’re unselfish, because, you know, most teams have one or two guys that you’ve always got to get up for.

“So we’re concentrating on Paul (Pierce) and Kevin (Garnett), and this (bleep) gave us a triple-double. Now we’ve got to concentrate on him. But him being a smart player, he just did the same thing. But when we reacted, he just gave up the ball. Then (bleep) Ray (Allen) got off. Now we’ve got to (bleep) concentrate on Ray, and Ray dropping that (bleep) to Kevin. And then the game they beat us, everybody got off. So that’s when I said I wouldn’t mind playing for a team like that, because they don’t give a (bleep) who scores or who takes all the shots.”

Shaq is awesome. Bleeping awesome.

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  • I’m REALLY liking the chemistry of this new celtics team! I mean Shaq sounds like he’s buyin into the Ubuntu thing, Delonte is still at the gym practicing his shot and its 4 o’clock in the morning, rondo still knows he’s the best, etc. Im pumoed for basketball season!

  • 24/8

    Good for the Celtics that they seem to be gelling but two things. Number one, Rondo isn’t the best. Not point guard or best scorer or leader. I’d say he’s probably the best in that system the Celtics run. But pure point guard you have a few guys ahead of him still and it’s easy to be a leader on a team of leaders. The Celtics have at least 4. Rondo is fierce, though, and a terrifying problem to guard. But the Celtics certainly need him to believe he’s the best.
    Number two, Shaq will be awesome when he can figure out how to compliment or respect opposing players who don’t happen to be on his damn team at that moment. Isn’t that convenient how he can talk about how the various Celtics players owned his Cavs team? Oh, look at that, he’s on the Celtics now. Hmm. Other players have owned him (The Dream) and other teams have owned the teams he’s been on. Where’s the “Wow, they (bleeping) (bleeped) us like (bleeping) (bleeps)! (BLEEP)!!” admiration about the teams that beat his Suns team or his Heat team the years they didn’t make the Finals?
    It is amazing that even now, in his supposed later, more mature, humble, coming-off-the-bench years, that he still can’t be a man. The physically biggest guy in the League, he can’t for even 5 minutes be honest about his failings or where he needs to improve or how another team was better than the team he was on unless that better team happens to be the new team he just joined or he wants something out of it (Please, Kobe, let me sign with the Lakers again before Jackson retires). Ya, real heartfelt and sincere.