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C’s waive Gaffney, and other tidbits

All the rookies had to know coming into camp that their chances of making this team were slim-to-none.  Well, slim took a smoke break on Tony Gaffney today

"Numbers, just a lot of numbers [in front] of him," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said when asked about Gaffney's departure. "He plays extremely hard. He's one of those guys that you would love to figure out a way to keep him on the team. At the end of the day, the numbers got him. 

"I thought if we released his earlier, he'd have a chance to hook on [with another NBA team.] We're looking for more shooting at that position, quite honestly, and that's something he needs to improve on." 

First off… thanks to the folks on Twitter and the emailers who sent us his Facebook posting that his time with Boston was done.  Unfortunately, neither Chuck nor I were near a computer to put up a post.

As for Gaffney… he seems to have the right attitude and work ethic to make it in the league.  His skills aren't bad, but he clearly needs to work on things.  It'll be interesting to see if the hangs around as part of the Red Claws or not.  

Some other tidbits:

WEEI shares a photo of more shenanigans involving Nate Robinson:

Kg shaq choke nate

Gotta sleep with one eye open, Nate.

So camp is over in Newport… and Doc's leaving in a good mood.

It’s good to get them in the gym together. I thought everybody came back with a great attitude. a great focus and for one week we actually got a lot of good stuff in. So I’m actually every happy.

The boys are back in Waltham now for the rest of the year.  One week down… and I'm liking what I see.

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  • marron afable

    LOL @ Shaq and KG. gangin up on nate. hahaha look at the reaction! priceless.