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Shaq still doesn’t think highly of Chris Bosh

Shaq bosh 

Back in 2009, Shaq had some less than kind words for Chris Bosh after Bosh suggested Shaq got the benefit of some kind officiating.

"I heard what Chris Bosh said, and that's strong words coming from the RuPaul of big men," O'Neal said. "I'm going to do the same thing (in their next meeting) I did before – make him quit. Make 'em quit and complain. It's what I do."

Well, they haven't exactly kissed and made up.  We all know Bosh is in Miami now as part of the whatever you want to nickname them.  Everyone's made a big deal about the 3 stars The Heat have on their roster.  But Shaq doesn't quite see it that way.

“They got a great 1-2,” says Shaq, who disdains Chris Bosh so much he refuses to make it three. And then he started listing the Celtics, the long list of young stars and old champions fighting the fade into twilight. “Everyone is young this, young that. I’ve been in [the NBA Finals] six times in the last [16 years] years, and I haven’t seen a young team make it all the way and win it. They may look better, but they don’t do what we do.” 

That sound you heard is the gauntlet being dropped.  Again. 

These Boston Celtics are pissed off, folks.  They all saw what went on with that premature celebration in Miami.  They all watch Sports Center and their big Miami training camp segments.  They all know that The Heat are getting all the attention and have been crowned champs already… leaving the season as simply an inevitable Sherman's March to a title. 

So this won't be the last shot the Celtics take at Miami.  Oh no… this is just beginning. 

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  • Leo

    Yeah, I don’t think highly of Bosh either. He’s a “good” player, but not in the league of Wade/Lebron.

  • Celtsfan33

    I dig Shaq’s tone here.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Translation: “Bosh is a pussy”

  • knickfan212

    LOL!!! Shaq has a nickname for everybody.This one labels Bosh right “The RuPaul of big men”. I cant wait for them to play each other. This sounds like a challenge.

  • Jerry

    You guys wanna talk smack? Bring it. The HEAT are gonna wipe the floor with the Celtics and make their wives hold their luggage on the way to BOSTON.

  • Jerry

    If Celtics win a title, it would have been because of Shaq, and you know Shaq is gonna hold that against your franchise for the rest of his life.

  • rondosnotakia

    yo hes a bench player get a grip. just because he played for the heat doesnt make him the best player on the team. its not like they won in 08 because they had eddie house.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Shaq is a has been. He doesn’t know when to retire or keep his mouth shut. He used to be able to talk a big game and back it up. Not anymore. He’s done. Shaq still thinks he could do what he was able to when he was with the Lakers, but he’s done. He hasn’t done sh*t since he was traded from Miami. No team wanted him this off season. Even Ainge didn’t want him. He only took him because Kwame wanted more money. You guys will see how big of a distraction Shaq and how terrible he is. Be on the look out for “Give me more touches” and “the big veteran should be in the same during clutch time, not a guy who tore his knee during the finals”.

  • the-green-light

    i agree

  • mileke

    if and when we win the title, shaq cant say shit cause he’s a reserve player this year, and everybody always sayin ”shaq not as good as he used to be” but ya’ll fell to realize that we dont need him for the same reason the heat and lakers needed him,, have you not noticed he’s a reserve?? we picked shaq up for presence in the paint and rebounds which he still dominates…. so quit it with the ”he will never be as good” and ”he using us so he can win and hold it against us” well everybody wanna win?? but he cant hold nun against us on reserve,, just sayin!!!

  • Sacqirrr

    bosh is the man….just watch and see….hes got more talent then pple think…I’m from Toronto …so I know…Shaq can suck my khack! He’s done…and needs attention by talking smack about others…fck him!

  • Haha! I love this stuff! Pumps me up for the start of the season!

  • ShawnCVD

    Oh shut up…just like Shaq has held winning it all against your Heat? Stop….The Heat franchise is BETTER for winning a title. A whole league would take Shaq and his personality if it lead to a title…


    Magic will take the east anyway. Too much depth for either the Celtics or Heat. Sorry guys. Howard just gets better every year. Celtics just picked up the kiss of death by getting Shaq (Wonderwoman)