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Has Donkey found a new Shrek?

Shrek and donkey 

Man… Nate Robinson and Shaquille O'Neal have really been buddy buddy a lot lately, huh? 

First it was stuffing a cookie into a sleeping Shaq's mouth… then it was feeding him salt water instead of regular water… and today in practice, Chris Forsberg caught this video of Nate trying to do a suicide drill while wearing Shaq's size 22's.


Nate also caught an unsuspecting Shaq with a dunk today…


And the profile picture on his Twitter page is even of him and Shaq.

Meanwhile, after Glen Davis has been mum ever since his media day bitching.  Sure, he makes a brief cameo in this video… but it also makes me think Donkey has found himself a new Shrek.   

Poor Glen.  Doesn't even know his role with his buddies anymore.

(hit this link now for full tongue-in-cheek effect)

By the way… I LOVE Paul Pierce's cackling in the back.  Awesome.  Glad to see the boys are having fun.  By the way, here's Truth's angle of Nate running in Shaq's shoes.  Hysterical.

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  • Don’t forget the KP vs Shaq standoff danceoff!
    Loving these videos, hope Nate keeps posting them all throughout the season

  • These videos are hilarious. And it looks like Doc’s kid is going to Duke. Boo.

  • fick

    I love this damn team.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    This is getting too “light gossip”…
    Let’s get back to the court: are there any chances left for Rudy Fernandez?

  • unbiased

    all the pranks seem to be Nate on Shaq. can’t wait for Shaq to punch Nate in the face. Nate seems like the anti-Delonte right now, too, always fckin around. this has to have a long-term effect on team chemistry (and Doc’s distribution of minutes).

  • CFH

    Yeah, you can tell by the way Doc made a point of saying that Nate is all business when it’s business time and the way the Captain is always standing there laughing and videotaping Nate’s antics that it’s a real problem.

  • AMP

    Gosh, lighten up! These videos are a just a minute or so long. I hope there is a moment for some fun and bonding…

  • CFH

    I was being sarcastic. If Doc and Paul think it’s not a problem… it’s not a problem.

  • ShawnCVD

    We don’t need Rudy. He’s got no allegiance to playing in the states. Let him run back to Spain. He’d be competing for D West’s minutes anyway and I for one prefer Delonte.

  • ShawnCVD

    Nate is keeping it fun. It’s nice to have a collective of different personalities all contributing to the common goal.