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Nate Robinson still messing with Shaq

A few days ago Nate Robinson posted a TwitPic of himself stuffing a cooking into the mouth of a sleeping Shaquille O'Neal.

Nate is still messing with Shaq. This time he puts salt in his water and Paul Pierce was there to record the hijinx.

I can't wait to see Shaq's revenge.

(h/t Celtics Town)

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  • Kevin Garnett screaming

    Here is a clip of my screaming my lungs out for the pump up video while Rondo is doing the interview

  • The Truth is Here

    “Oh… so this how we doin’ it now”

  • Thanks, you can also find it on this site. We posted it yesterday.

  • GoWyo

    Messin’ with Shaqsquatch

  • Double P Reppin the B

    The best thing is it’s so clear how these guys like gravitate towards shaq with that personality. I LOVE this team man I cannot waiiiiit

  • Larry Legend

    lol.. that’s classic.. It should stay somewhere on the homepage. Love the “So Shaq thinks I’m a rookie” bit…

  • Lee in Oregon

    “Shaq thinks i’ma rookie”
    That’s freakin hilarious.
    Shaq is taking over the city.

  • LMAO hahahahahah thats hysterical! hahaha shaq can pick nate up and toss him like a ball with one hand

  • ShawnCVD

    Shaq don’t swallow…

  • who da guy

    i wish i could be there hanging out with them…just watching that made me feel giddy inside…

  • the-facts

    wow that was so funny man.