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Doc fires back at Baby

RedsArmyAdmin September 28, 2010 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Doc fires back at Baby

This morning, we read about Glen Davis not being sure what his role is.  Today after practice, Doc Rivers fired back.

"No, I'm not even worried about Glen Davis," Rivers said when asked if he had a conversation with the player. "I think he's living up to [his nickname of 'Big Baby']. I didn't even hear it, someone just told me. I'm not that concerned." 

Asked if he could understand why Davis might feel uneasy given the addition of two former All-Stars to the frontcourt, Rivers said he shouldn't and sent a friendly warning shot. 

"Let me put it like this: If Baby doesn't know his role by now, he's going to be sitting down a lot," said Rivers. "I'll just leave it that simple." 

Bam.  How's that big pile of STFU taste, Glen?  

I'm gonna be honest here:  This is no big deal, but it feels bigger because of how Glen Davis was acting in the offseason.  Yes, I get he's a big, goofy guy.  But if you're gonna be a big goof and throw all your craziness on the internet, don't show up on the first day and bitch about your role… or even SOUND like you're bitching about your role.  Show up on the first day… smile and nod… give canned answers… and go to practice and go about your business. 

I'm sorry, but this is just common sense.  This is how crap like this gets blown out of proportion.  It's a complete lack of self-awareness.  It'll all be over in a day or two… but Doc shouldn't have even had to address that or toss out the threat.

By the way… follow that link for Chris Forsberg's video with Doc where he talks about how the guys aren't in "Celtics" shape… how KG and Shaq looked… and some other notes from day 1.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Glad Baby got put in his place early. He’s been acting like an idiot. At least this time KG didnt have to make him cry.

  • ShawnCVD

    Gotta agree with you Lee. I don’t mind Baby’s antics during the off season. His more than capable of finding minutes in this or any situation. Last year he was instrumental in two play off victories (Miami game 2, Finals game 5) and if anything his role is MORE defined now. He’s kinda sounding like Tony Allen bitching about being overshadowed.
    Baby will have plenty of minutes backing KG until Perk returns.

  • ShawnCVD

    *he’s more than capable….

  • Ben

    Soooo tired of Big Baby.

  • jared

    Solid post. Good points all.
    Plain and simple. Glen Davis is an immature attention seeker. lame stunts and stupid comments.

  • BigMck

    Glen Davis didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. He has been shifted around a lot.
    And I don’t think he was bitching, he simply answered a question. The media – especially those clowns Gresh and Zo – went overboard with the story.