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Nate Robinson is a funny bastard

Chuck - Red's Army September 27, 2010 Uncategorized 12 Comments on Nate Robinson is a funny bastard


That's Nate Robinson jamming an unknown object into a sleeping Shaquille O'Neal's mouth.

On the team bus to Newport, Nate is having all sorts of fun at his teammates expense. Check out the picture of Rondo, after the jump.



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  • I Love Green

    Nate Rob is the man.

  • nick

    any chance of getting Celtic autographs when they walk out of the gym in Newport, or is that place tighter than fort knox? Im thinking about going up there with my nephew. Any info?


    sweet fucking lord that seems like dangerous country…


    …and how the FUCK do I get Meg Fucking Whitman off this goddamn page…

    without 75 million dollars backed by common sense…


    yes please, I am not political,
    I promise to not do this again, just let me speak once in a while…


    nevermind. i resign. i did it TO MYSELFFFF…

  • Mal Tempo

    I think he is stuffing a chocolate chip cookie into Shaq.

  • good to see them laughing it up

  • Eric

    Nate Robinson rocking the San Francisco Giants hat! Yeah buddy.

  • Sean

    I grew up in Newport and most everyone I know still lives there. I know the practice games are pretty cheap and close to the action and you’d definitely have a good shot at those. From what I hear they’re not to hard to find at the bars either haha, but I’m assuming that’s not a trip for the son.

  • hehehe! he is crazy man……..!

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