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Hollinger says the Celtics are old, lack firepower

ESPN's John Hollinger has released his complete season preview. Here are some excerpts from his Celtics's forecast:

The end result is that this season's Celtics will look a lot like last
season's, which was one of the most distinctive in basketball on several
fronts. For starters, their periodic offensive struggles didn't emanate
from an inability to make shots — instead, it was an inability to take
them that was the problem. Boston led the NBA in 2-point field goal
percentage (see chart), but was so anemic on the boards and so prone to
turnovers that it took fewer shots per possessions than any other team
(with "shots" defined to include free throw attempts times 0.44)…

All these guys were good last season. How many of them will still be
good in 2010-11? With so many players in their mid-30s, the risk of
collapse shouldn't be dismissed. Boston will start a 32-year-old, a
33-year-old, a 34-year-old and a 35-year-old; two of those four have
been in the NBA since they were 18 and thus have played more minutes
(and taken more pounding) than nearly any similar-aged player in
history. The bench isn't exactly a bunch of spring chickens either, with
a 38-year-old Shaq the most likely sixth man…

Boston will be a huge favorite to win the division — it might be the
only team over .500, in fact — and still has the trump card that it
matches up so well with Orlando. Unfortunately, the Celtics are unlikely
to get to the point where it's just them and the Magic left standing,
and they still have uppity rivals like the Bulls, Bucks and Hawks
nipping at their heels. The Celtics' defense and chemistry will keep
them near the top, but I'm not seeing enough firepower to provide a
repeat of last season's run. At the end of the day, I think they'll be
exactly what they were a year ago from November to April. It's the
ending that I see changing.

Prediction: 51-31, 1st in Atlantic, 3rd in Eastern Conference

No surprises. While he does make good points about the lack of firepower and shots, I do feel it's something that can be corrected. And the concerns about age are a bit overstated. This team's depth will help offset the tired legs.

In Hollinger's world, the Heat win 66 games and beat the Lakers in the Finals. (Whatever…)

PS – Can someone tell me why Orlando is perceived as better than Boston?

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  • Onions

    not surprising coming from John “cavs in 5” Hollinger…i’ve finally hit that point where i’m trying to avoid the espn website and channel unless it’s a game I have to watch

  • Amen Onions.. don’t go near it.. don’t give them the hit/visit/impression! Disney/ABC is out to turn sports into a drama-laden reality show!

  • itsthatbradguy

    Hollinger is a tool. He’s just going to push whoever ESPN wants him to as a title contender (Miami) and then seek out reasons, however asinine those reasons may be, on why no one else in the NBA will be able to contend with them. They don’t have enough depth to contend with Boston, Orlando, or Chicago in a 7 game series, much less make it to the Finals and get a shot at the Lakers. Think about it, other than Wade, James, and Bosh, who on that team would crack our 8-9 man playoff rotation this year? Mike Miller, maybe?

  • jared

    I agree with all of you. Disney Sports blows, should be dismissed off hand and ignored.
    Especially Hollinger (douche).

  • Rob

    Where does he get the idea that we would be worse than we were last year…? We’re the deepest team in the league 1-15 and have way more firepower than we did last year. I’m also so confused on why people think the magic are so good. I mean we were a banked 3 away from sweeping them yet we’re ranked lower? All the miami stuff is just hype odds are magic or bulls knock them out.