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Your Morning Dump… Where the Nets are about to land Melo

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According to multiple sources with knowledge of a proposed four-team blockbuster, the Nets are negotiating a deal that would bring them Carmelo Anthony from Denver in exchange for Devin Harris, first-round pick Derrick Favors plus draft picks.

There are potential stumbling blocks that could derail the deal, but Anthony is believed to have approved it, according to an NBA source – meaning he will agree to sign an extension – and it could happen as early as Saturday. Anthony's approval is pivotal because the Nets wouldn't have agreed to the deal for a one-year rental.

The proposed trade – which would also involve the Jazz and Bobcats – would have Favors going to Denver, along with Utah's Andrei Kirilenko and multiple draft picks from the Nets and Warriors (the Nets hold Golden State's first-round pick in 2012).

Harris would be sent to Charlotte, while Boris Diaw would be shipped from Charlotte to Utah. Other role players are being discussed as part of the complex trade.

NY Daily News

In exchange for one of the game's best small forwards, the Nuggets will get Andrei Kirilienko, Derrick Favors and some draft picks. All things considered… it's a decent haul.

Does Melo understand what he's walking into in Jersey? The team won 12 games last year.

Yes, he will play alongside a budding star in Brook Lopez. There are some decent role players – Troy Murphy, Anthony Morrow and Travis Outlaw. Avery Johnson is the new coach. There's the billionaire owner from Russia. A new arena awaits in Brooklyn. But without Devin Harris, NJ's starting point guard is Jordan Farmar.

Even with Melo, I don't see the Nets finishing higher than 7th in the East. 6th if they catch some breaks.

On Page 2, Glen Davis continues to be a goofy bastard.


The photo appeared on Davis' Twitter feed with the caption: Ayo baby face !!! Watch your girl!!

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  • Melo just wants to be part of the offseason fun. That, or the Nets front office has convinced him that they can make things happen in the future. I’m sure the name Chris Paul has been whispered in his ear.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I still dont see the Nets making the playoffs even with Melo. He got double teamed in Denver alot, and they have some players. He’s gonna be mobbed every night in Jersey.
    Realgm is reporting the deal may hinge on NJ getting DJ Agustine to replace Harris.

  • greenbeand

    how about maxing out oj mayo in green for 2012

  • Hurdler

    NJ has a bright future, esp if they land carmelo. They have one of the top young bigs, and contenders always have a reliable big. The crazy russian has the money to bring in a top flight PG or SG. Add in a serviceable backcourt player and a defense/rebound PF and you have a team in a year or two.
    Big market, rich owner, competent big, and superstar scorer.