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Red's Army

“You can just kinda feel the energy around here”

That's The Truth sitting with Peter Stringer of Celtics.com… talking about the vibe already being felt in Waltham.

You can just kinda feel the energy around here again, man.  Like, seriously… we was talking about it today… just the energy, the vibe around here… just about winning another championship.  We feel like we left something behind last year.  The energy is there, the guys are ready to go… it's gonna be an exciting year.

Everyone on the team has already shown up and worked out… so it's not like this week will be the first time these guys get to see each other. 

This team is serious.  They are pissed about last year.  

Get giddy folks… basketball is almost back.

Oh by the way… the Celtics are hiring an Interactive Production Assistant.  Check it out… maybe you can work for the team.  And if you get the job because we referred you, we expect a kickback.  Call it a finder's fee. 

Hey… we gotta make money somehow.  Chuck's pet tiger isn't gonna feed itself.  Well… it could… but we don't want that happening again.

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  • mileke

    thats the type of energy we need, remember they doubted us all last season, and playoffs,? but we pusshed the lakers to game 7, not sayin thats the way we wanted to end our season, but that gave us this determined energy that we have right now, everybody bring up our age, but they fail to realize, all our starters are all stars, and we have about 3 all stars coming off the bench, we have a reason for this attitude, lets stay focused on the prize, and thats the golden trophy in JUNE!!!!