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NBA cracks down on air punches, arm raising


In an attempt to crackdown on the players excessive whining and bitching, the league has expanded its guidelines for a technical foul:

Referees have been instructed to call a technical for:

• Players making aggressive gestures, such as air punches, anywhere on the court.

• Demonstrative
disagreement, such as when a player incredulously raises his hands, or
smacks his own arm to demonstrate how he was fouled.

• Running directly at an official to complain about a call.

• Excessive inquiries about a call, even in a civilized tone.

addition, referees have been instructed to consider calling technicals
on players who use body language to question or demonstrate displeasure,
or say things like, "Come on!" They can also consider technicals for
players who "take the long path to the official", walking across the
court to make their case.

Air punches? Raising your hands? Whoa. I know Dictator David Stern likes to maintain order, but this borders on insanity.

Even though he won't hit the court until February or March, Kendrick Perkins may still reach a career high in technical fouls.

As I stated last night on the 2 Man Game, I don't understand why players bitch incessantly to the referees. It only hurts them. You're bound to get more calls if you keep quiet.

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  • ncy

    “technicals on players who use body language to question or demonstrate displeasure, or say things like, ‘Come on!'”
    that can be so ambiguous and up for interpretation. if that’s the case, then maybe everytime Perk sets foot on the court he can be called for a technical.

  • The Truth is Here

    wah wah waaaah?
    These are ridiculous. I am annoyed by all the bitching to the refs, but come on. I natural pissed off reaction when you think the ref got the call wrong has to be expected…

  • thetitleisours

    Got to make it easier for Stern to use the Ref’s to cheat for his favorite WestC team lol

  • ShawnCVD

    The technical foul is one of the worse rules in the NBA. Everyone should be allowed 7 fouls per game and a technical gets added to your personal fouls. Then the league should track the worse of them towards a player’s season totals. Accumulate enough and a player gets suspended.
    Double technicals should be assessed to control the game, never to lead to an ejection or suspension. That said a ref could assess two separate technicals in a given instance or just the DT at a “hey guys knock it off”.
    What you guys think? I haven’t fully fleshed this one out…

  • Lee in Oregon

    The bitching/complaining in the NBA is getting worse and worse. Having said that, the officiating in the NBA has gone to new lows. The only thing worse is the flopping.
    I watched some world cup soccer and kept thinking “those soccer playing pussies remind me of whats happening in the NBA”.
    ShavnCVD- I’m not with you on giving NBA players a 7th foul. Would change the game too much if a D Howard never or rarely gets in foul trouble. The double tee to get a guy out is also crucial….in your scenario, Ron Artest, Jackson, & Jermaine all come back in after beating the shit outa those Detoilet fans? Hey guys, knock it off?

  • Lils

    Lame! For the league to now label something as benign as a fist pump a technical foul, they may as well just stop having actual games and instead air footage from the NBA 2K video game. That way, they won’t have to worry about dealing with actual human beings. I bet the NBA can’t wait until robots are more commonplace so they can just sign those to play for teams instead of having to deal with pesky old emotions-ridden human athletes.

  • mileke

    i love stern and all… but he just wasnt thinking when he enforced these parts of the rule, you have to understand, especially in the playoffs, the boys are in compromising positions, and sometimes their gonna get frustrated, but thats life, i understand the running up to the ref part, but the punching the air, thats just how it is especially in a hostile environment, like boston, utah, and more, every player in the nba will hit carreer highs in technicals this season, just sayin….. i still got love for you stern !

  • mollysdaddy

    “Air punches”? So let’s say Pierce drives is fouled hard but makes the shot for an and1. He’s excited about the amazing acrobatic play he made to get the shot and pumps his fist in celebration. That could be a tech? Hmmm

  • Exactly! Completely ambiguous. The league is basically saying, “Call a tech if you feel like it.” Because how can you determine whether or not “Demonstrative disagreement” occured? So unless the player appears pleased by the foul, or displays ‘demonstrative agreement’ he gets a T?
    Jesus Christ Stern. This is a god damned embarrassment!
    * I completely agree that complaining to the refs never helps. But having a reaction to a foul call is just human instinct, and these ‘rules’ are a farce.

  • I think the rules apply to the person the foul was called on, so in this case PP wouldn’t get a foul
    *but that is assuming the rule is actually clearly written, which most rules in the NBA are not.

  • This whole ref thing is by far my least favorite topic in just about any sport. And the responsibility is solely on the league. Players are complaining because the rules are completely ambiguous, and more often than not they actually have a case. People casually say, ‘a ref won’t call a carry/travel/etc on him’… well, why the hell is a carrying a rule? How can someone that DOES get called for a carry NOT argue if he’s seen the opponent doing the same thing all game? And if players see superstars whining to the refs all the time to get calls, they will do it too because we expect them to try anything to get an advantage.
    The league needs to accept the fault in the rules and make them more clear and direct. This is a step in the wrong direction, this adds even more ambiguity and adds more interpretation by the referee at a game played at break-neck speed.

  • ShawnCVD

    All good points Lee. Only D Howard would be in foul trouble in my scenario and I said refs would be allowed to assess two or more individual techs instead of the double non sense. The game would be better controlled b/c a foul cap set to two creates an environment where refs cut some players too much slack. Don’t forget that on my scenario technicals would creep teams into the foul penalty earlier so there would be an incentive for players to police them selves. As for the product the NBA wants their stars in the game and this would benefit them more than a double tech sending a starter to the showers half way into the 4th quarter…

  • CelticBalla32

    David Stern needs to get laid.

  • Lee in Oregon

    He already fucked the entire city of Seattle

  • jared