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Your Morning Dump… The Celtics are the Mr. Miyagi of the NBA

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How old are the Celtics in comparison to other title teams? Since
2004-2005, championship team starters averaged to be 27.4 years old. The
oldest were naturally the Spurs in 2007. Their starting five in the
Finals that year began the season at an average age of 30.6 years old.
The Celtics enter this season at 30.2 years old if we project Kendrick Perkins
as the starter for a theoretical Finals and 32.8 if we go with
Shaquille O'Neal, the probably opening night starter. The Celtics, in
essence, are trying to be the second oldest team since 2004 to win the
title. It's relatively easy to argue that the competition is greater now
than it was in 2007, with the Pau-Gasol-era Lakers, the Heat, and the Magic in play, but those are the numbers…

I was ready to shut the door on the Celtics last year, and they slammed
it back in my face, walked in, made themselves a sandwich and tracked
mud on my carpet. I'm not willing to bury the Celtics until the heart's
stopped beating. Age can be cruel, but for the Celtics, it's a beast
they can live with. They remain contenders to the ring until that last
breath gives out.

CBS – Are the Celtics too old?

A week before training camp and we're already talking about the Celtics' age? Yes, the Celtics starters (minus Rondo) are old (although that projected number will be smaller if Jermaine O'Neal is the starter, and I believe he will be).

But as Mr. Miyagi showed us countless times during the Karate Kid trilogy, age don't mean squat.

In all seriousness, (as we've said ad nauseam the past 3 off-seasons) Doc will need to limit the minutes of KG, Ray and Paul. A task much easier when there is talent on the bench. And this year's bench appears to be loaded.
Nate Robinson (26), Glen Davis (24), Delonte West (27), Marquis Daniels (29) and Shaq (38) might be the best second unit in the NBA.

The Cobra Kai down in Miami better take notice.

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  • AMP

    Age certainly is a non-factor with a deep bench. I can’t wait for the 26th…

  • greenbeand

    was about to say the same. this team is almost 3 units deep.. got like what DA did

  • Limit the minutes is one way of looking at it. Giving the 2nd unit some run so they can get some chemistry and confidence is also very important I think. And please spell Rondo every now and again.