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Your Morning Dump… Where the Melo trade talks are heating up


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consensus across the league is that the Nuggets will trade Anthony to
New Jersey, New York, Chicago or one of the two Los Angeles teams,
another NBA front-office source said, with New Jersey having the most to

The Nets have expiring contracts, numerous future first-round
draft picks and 19-year-old rookie post player Derrick Favors, who was
the No. 3 pick in the June draft. But the source also pointed out there
are plenty of obstacles to trading a superstar — Denver is familiar with
this process, having traded for guards Allen Iverson and Chauncey
Billups in recent years — and it's possible the Nuggets might need to
have a third team involved to make the block-buster deal work.

Nuggets now open to trade offers for superstar Carmelo Anthony – The Denver Post

Houston, meanwhile, is prepared to offer a package centered on the
shooting guard Kevin Martin and the Knicks’ draft picks, according to an
N.B.A. executive who has had discussions with the Nuggets.

The same executive said the Chicago Bulls had dropped out of the running for Anthony because they refused to include center Joakim Noah in a proposal.

Nuggets shop Anthony, to Knicks dismay – NY Times

One of two LA teams? Denver isn't dumb enough to trade Carmelo Anthony to the Lakers, are they? The oft-injured Andrew Bynum is the Lakers only attractive piece.

Even though Houston is also in the west,  I'd keep talking with the Rockets. Kevin Martin is a solid player and the Knicks are destined for the lottery once again. Shane Battier is an attractive player, plus he's an expiring contract.

The Nets offer does nothing for me. Favors is unproven. And those Nets draft picks are going to be later  than the Knicks picks.

It's too bad the Celtics couldn't get in the mix. Melo would be a helluva replacement for Paul Pierce.

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  • greenbeand

    clearly the nuggets are about to blow it up and I’ld love to see JR Smith on the c’s

  • To quote Donny Marshall… “I wouldn’t trade a bag of basketballs for Carmelo Anthony”

  • river

    how does chicago not do a deal with noah for melo? i absolutely don’t get this. you have a chance to put melo alongside boozer and rose, a deep threat like korver, and some depth on the bench. and you don’t make that happen? really? maybe i’m just an idiot when it comes to these things, but it seems like an epic boneheaded move to pass up on that.

    i guess they want Noah to have an edge over the heat at center. it’ll be rather nice to see heat and bulls in the first round. it won’t be easy for the heat and they would be worn down a lot

  • JD

    That was Mike Gorman and he said that a few years ago. Melo has gotten better since then at not being a jackass.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I know you like the guy, but JR makes 6 mil this year. Maybe next year when he’s ready to play for the vet minimum.

  • greenbeand

    haha, man i feel this team is 6th man away from a dynasty