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Rajon Rondo loves to go to the mall and shop


A bunch of photos from Rajon Rondo's King of the Rock one-on-one tournament have been posted to his Facebook page.

Here are some excerpts from a recent interview Rajon Rondo did with Slam at the tournament:

You’re no longer Rajon Rondo, point guard
for the Celtics, you’re now Celtics All-Star Rajon Rondo. How has that
changed things for you?

More recognition, that’s about it. Now I
really can’t go anywhere. But it’s a great thing, it comes with what
I’ve done and the success. I just try to stay humble and get better.

Do you get mobbed in Boston, or is it everywhere?


So you can’t even do your own groceries anymore?

I will never not do what I do. I still love to go to the mall and shop.
Even if I’m signing autographs I just try to keep moving. I’m pretty
much always in a good mood, I try to continue to sign autographs and
take pictures, but I move quickly when I do it.

Like Rondo, I also love to shop. Nothing can keep me out of Macy's and JC Penney.

As for his success on the court:

For the individual awards I give my teammates a lot
of credit, I know that I’m not an All-Star by myself. KG makes me look
better because they double him off of me sometimes. Ray draws double
teams when he comes off down-screens, and Paul does when he gets the
ball isolated, so those guys make me look a lot better.

Sounds pretty humble to me.

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  • PaulPierceWannaBeGangsta

    Couldn’t hear what he was saying over the din of his ego.