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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo’s tourney was a wild scene

Alcatraz 1

Alcatraz 2

On Alcatraz right now watching 64-man 1v1 knockout in the Yard. Fog howling across courts like 50 smoke machines working. Wild scene.

Red Bull King of Rock not being broadcast. Airs in Oct, west coast only. Blankets handed to every fan attending. In use, too. No joke.

Fog is so thick they're wiping off the ball 'tween possessions. Calabro + Bobbito on the mike. 

Ric Bucher's Twitter Feed

The top photo is via Red Bull through ESPN Boston.  The bottom photo comes from Ric Bucher who rode the boat over to Alcatraz with Rajon Rondo.  We told you about this a month ago… and last night was the finals. 

I can't find who won, but it's not like you really care.  It's interesting just to see the pictures and read the tweets from someone who was there.  Imagine playing 1-on-1, in the pea-soup fog, on the grounds of one of the nastiest prisons in history.  

On Page 2: Maybe Avery Bradley IS an NBA defender right now

If there’s one thing the Celtics think rookie guard Avery Bradley can do right away, it’s defend. That’s also the opinion of his fellow first-year players who overwhelmingly voted Bradley the top defensive player in the rookie class, according to a survey posted on

It’s not surprising that Bradley won the player vote, but what is interesting is that he dominated the results.

Which rookie is the best defender?

1. Avery Bradley, Boston — 41.7 percent
2. Hassan Whiteside, Sacramento — 8.3 percent
3. Lazar Hayward, Minnesota — 5.6 percent
Ekpe Udoh, Golden State — 5.6 percent

WEEI:  Poll: Avery top rookie defender 

The guys who either played against him or watched him in college last year think, overwhelmingly, that he's the best defender of the rookie class.  Doc said he could defend right away… and this is just more confirmation of that.  

So can any of you see a situation where Bradley actually gets some burn in late game defensive situations?  

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  • itsthatbradguy

    If we need an offensive spark off the bench to get us going, send in Nate to back up Rondo. If we need to preserve a lead, send in Bradley so he can keep the other team’s guards from going off on us and cutting into our lead with the starters on the bench.

  • greenbeand

    we almost have 3 units to throw at any line-up. still would would love to see JR Smith as a 6th man

  • Lee in Oregon

    Gonna be a very competitive camp with the guards. Rondo will play close to 40 a night, Jesus Shuttlesworth 30-35 hopefully, so were not talking about alot of minutes to be divied up amongst Nate, Von Wafer, Bradley, and Delonte. Obviously Delonte misses the first 10 for his trike-ride.

  • I think this depth will allow Doc to keep Ray’s minutes down closer to 30 for the regular season. At least I hope it will. He can ramp up the minutes come playoff time.

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  • nick