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Scal reuniting with Thibs?

RedsArmyAdmin September 18, 2010 Uncategorized 3 Comments on Scal reuniting with Thibs?

Scal ring

Would Michal Finley or Brian Scalabrine count as the good shooter the bulls need? 

-Vince Kabat

Sam: I think Finley is too old at this point, but Scalabrine is a guy the Bulls have talked with a lot this summer and especially with Thibodeau I can see him as possible depending on what goes on regarding Fernandez. I know guys like Steve Novak have been at the Berto working out more in pickup type games, which the Bulls do with guys before the season. The job, for now unless it’s Fernandez, is a 12th or 13th man who might play a day a week. You need a good team guy willing to root a lot and Scalabrine would be that. If they can’t get Fernandez, I’d take a shot at him if the price is right, though for now I’d guess the Bulls add someone from training camp as a non guaranteed guy to hold space for a trade. Ask Sam Mailbag (via WEEI)

This should tell you something about what Scal can bring to a team.  Not a ton in terms of stats, but a guy who can be trusted to get into a game and run what you want him to run without detracting from the rest of the team. 

And really, when you have a 12th or 13th man… isn't that what you want?  A guy who won't screw up… who might hit a couple of shots for you… and who'll work his tail off and do everything you ask him to do.  There's a place for that guy in the league… especially since he knows he's that guy and a lot of 12th or 13th men are trying to be 7th or 8th men.  Yeah, they'll work hard for you… but they may think they're more than what they are.  

Good luck Scal… hope you find a place to land.

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  • Josh

    Scal is good for whatever team he lands on. He called into 98.5 weekly and gave great radio. I’d keep him around just for that.

  • Shaun Powell of NBA thinks that the Bucks’ll reach the Eastern Finals:
    Bucks reach the Eastern Conference finals. Here are the candidates for the final two spots in the East: Celtics, Heat, Magic and … Bucks. Let’s assume Miami gets one. The other? Well, then it comes down to matchups. The Bucks are younger and faster and possibly deeper than the Celtics, who will ask Kevin Garnett to shake off six-plus months of rigid wear and tear and come up big in the spring. As for the Magic, the Bucks offer the only big man, Andrew Bogut, who can make Dwight Howard break a sweat. The difference-maker is Brandon Jennings. Would this be a surprise, Bucks in the final two? Yes. But not by much.
    Deeper than the celtics?! what?! brandon jennings would be in the limbo and a complete lockdown by rondo. Shaq’ll put bogut in foul trouble within 2 minutes. who else have they got? this is ridiculous

  • Loved those interviews.. I’ll miss those a lot.