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Rondo’s 2K11 Commercial

RedsArmyAdmin September 16, 2010 Uncategorized 9 Comments on Rondo’s 2K11 Commercial


That's Derrick Rose, Andre Iquodala, Russell Westbrook, Josh Smith and our boy Rajon Rondo talking about all the great Michael Jordan moments for the new NBA 2K11 game.  

Great stuff all around.  They're all great in the commercial.  My favorite line has to be "you can't eat sushi in Utah, brother.  Landlocked."  Although Derrick Rose playing the chef and Rondo's "I'm on the phone with my moms" bit with Iggy. 

And I know this just a commercial… but can't you already see Rondo being more like himself rather than the Mr. Stoic that you see in interviews?  Just the look in his eyes when he delivers the last line.  You can tell you wouldn't recognize Rajon your buddy that bs's with you in the locker room if all you knew is the short-answer Rondo you see postgame.

(h/t Celtics Town)

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  • Steven

    Love this commerical, it is hilarious. Didn’t know Rose is a fine chef, lol.
    Tried the demo last night and really pumped for the game now.

  • aaron

    he goes “not with you playing”

  • BRADinLA

    Rose is such a bad actor. I guess it’s all that “athletixism”.

  • The C’s fan in me would have loved Rondo replying “and the ’86 Celtics will win that game, again”

  • that would have been the absolute most perfect response

  • Brian

    I downloaded the demo and you get to be play lakers vs celtics. So i thought ah great.. time to rewrite history… and guess what you can’t be the fucking celtics… what kinda shit is that… I hate this game.. that is until I buy it… but seriously wtf??????

  • Lee in Oregon

    funny how only C’s fans remember who won that game.
    I actually had an arguement with some D-bag yesterday who insists DA bit Tree Rollins!

  • Steven

    I know, it sucks that you can’t choose sides in the demo. I just took control of Kobe and start running off the court. Just like real life!

  • Carpe

    Too bad there is no wheel chair in the game so that Paulina can leave the court in her trademark fashion