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A little game of “What if?”… adding another NBA Team

We were recently approached about an interesting “what if” idea by our buddies at Pick & Scroll:  What if we added an NBA team and had an expansion draft?  Who would you protect?

So Chuck tackled the challenge of who to dangle… and who to protect.  

Protected: Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Nate Robinson, KevinGarnett, Shaquille O’Neal, Jermaine O’Neal

Unprotected: Semih Erden, Luke Harangody Chuck writes that if the Celtics meet current expectations (Eastern Conference Finals or better), they’ll probably want to keep that main group, but if they don’t, they might opt to dangle some of the bigger contracts like Robinson or Jermaine O’Neal.  He also thinks that its possible Danny Ainge would leave Kevin Garnett unprotected, as Garnett’s salary and age are big detriments to his chances on being picked by the Hagfish.

Interesting thought.  Would you leave KG and his $21 million salary unprotected?  Considering his age and salary, would an expansion team really invest that much in a guy who’ll be a decent player but more mentor to a young squad? 

Instead, Chuck left Erden and Harangody out there… and Erden was taken.  Probably fresh off his solid performance in the Worlds.  Here’s how the full expansion draft panned out:

So I’ve selected 20 players in the Expansion Draft.  Of those players, 5 are now Unrestricted Free Agents whose rights I hold.Here is the Projected Depth Chart (not in any order) for the Centralia Hagfish, players in Red are the Free Agents.

 C: Semih Erden, Kosta Koufos, Brian Zoubek, Alexis Ajinca, Ryan Hollins

 PF: Brandon Bass, Al Harrington, Earl Clark

SF:Devin Ebanks, Dante Cunningham, DeMarre Carroll

SG: Dahntay Jones, Terrico White, Chris Douglas-Roberts

PG: Jeremy Lin, Garrett Temple, Mike Bibby, Mario Chalmers, C.J. Watson

All in all… not a horrible team.  They’ve got some decent guards.  Harrington would have to handle the scoring load… with some help from CDR.  And I like the Brandon Bass pickup.  Definitely go check it out to see how bloggers for every team approached the project. 

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  • I will always bleed green, but I would root like hell for that team if they landed here in Vegas.

  • NBA in Vegas… a post or two after the Tim Donaghy post. Just feels slimy.

  • And that’s why we don’t have a team in Vegas yet. We get the brunt of all the Donaghy-esque accusations. The truth is that gambling is so highly regulated here, cheating can’t happen here.