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Your Morning Dump… Where Clifford Ray is the most interesting man in the world

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However, Ray’s teaching days in Boston came to an end; he found out last month the Celtics weren’t bringing him back…

The Celtics’ decision was difficult for Ray to digest, but he refused to dwell on it.

“It’s just like any job,’’ he said. “You come to an end. You’re never
going to stay someplace and coach forever, you know. So at some point or
another there was going to come a point in time when I was no longer
going to be a Celtic. No matter how it happened. When I went into
basketball, I went into basketball to be a coach and a teacher.’’ – Ray of Sunshine

It was management's decision to part ways with Clifford Ray. Was this a financial move? Doubtful. Was he no longer making an impact with Kendrick Perkins and Glen Davis? Possible.

Before you shed a tear for ole Clifford, read this:

He’s had breakfast with Alfred
Hitchcock in Hawaii. He’s walked with Marlon Brando on Brando’s island.
Jack Nicholson has sent him text messages. Whenever he’s in Oakland, Al
Davis insists they have dinner together. He’s sailed from Fiji to Tahiti
on an 85-foot catamaran. He saved a dolphin.

time, he got a call in the middle of the night from a friend in the
music business. He had a song he swore would be a hit and he wanted Ray
to hear it before he recorded it.

The friend was Marvin Gaye. The song was “Sexual Healing.’’

Impressive. For the record, I think those 'Most Interesting Man in the World 'commercials by Dos Equis are the best ads on TV, by far.

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  • I’ve been asking for the Dos Equis guy’s Green #4 Jai Alai jersey to be printed… still waiting!

  • Lee in Oregon

    And for you younger guys, he also started pn the 1975 Golden State Warriors NBA Championship team!

  • JD

    Is Danny turning into Bill Belichick, where every decision is purely financial and strategic? Because that sounds good on paper, but you have to factor in the emotional side as well because NBA players and coaches are human beings as well. First Leon Powe, now this, I don’t like it one bit. Players and coaches want to be in a place where they are wanted and rewarded for loyalty (which just about every other job in the world does). Not trying to raise an alarm, I just don’t want this to be the start of a trend.

  • Can it really be financial? How much could he really be making that it would impact the ownership? It’s a curious move, no question.
    I haven’t seen much additional info from the team.

  • greenbeand