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Pierce has the rice cakes and celery of blogs

I love Paul Pierce… and I love that he's got a blog over at the Globe… especially in September where nothing happens in the NBA. 

And just like the rice cakes and celery analogy in the headline, Pierce's blog gives you a little bit of substance, but it really leaves you craving something more… and something you probably, in the end, wish you didn't have in the first place like half a pepperoni and sausage deep dish pizza… or a bucket of hot wings with a half gallon of blue cheese for dipping… or a salad bowl full of chocolate cheerios. 

Instead of feeding our TMZ-esque blood-lust, The Truth rides clean with tidbits like….

This past summer I took golf lessons and really got into the game, which will be my second sport (if things go well). I think I may be addicted; the problem is, it’s so hard to be consistent and I’m so competitive! I’m surrounded by golf though, so I just decided to get out there take lessons. So, to all my teammates who’ve been talkin a lot of smack, you better watch out, I’ll be comin for you.

When it’s time to chill and hang out with friends and family I grill and barbecue a lot. I just moved into a new house and spending time there with my family and friends is the best. My grill game is on point. I love to grill. The steak, the chicken, the vegetables – the typical grilling items. My daughter loves salmon too. I know it’s hard to believe, but she just loves it. No chicken fingers and noodles for her. She likes the good stuff, and we love it because it’s so good for her. I eat salmon all the time, so it’s not hard to figure where she gets it from.

What?  Where's the dirt, Paul?  Where's the "Look, I love Ray… but he's got to stop break dancing in the locker room to Ke$ha"… or "You don't know this about KG, but he's WAY into crochet.  Like uncomfortably so."

Ok, ok, ok… I'm not really looking for that crap.  If Paul wants to share grilling tips.. by all means, Truth… share.  Because after seeing the madness Big Baby has been tossing out there lately… a Celtics talking about running stairs, eating salmon, and his affinity for golfing and bowling is pretty damn good, thank you very much.

Rice cakes and celery are good for you.  Having them every once in a while is ok.

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Paul’s one cool dude. Real as hell. The Truth.
    Though, him making out with one of the trophies after they won the championship will always gross me the hell out.

  • greenbeand

    wtf is this tweet- RedsArmy: To all my New York peeps. I’ll be in town Friday. Anyone around.. wanna meet for some lunch or something?

  • Well… I’m going to visit friends in New York. While I’m there, I’m wondering if any of the people who follow me on twitter or other bloggers want to meet me for lunch.
    I hope me visiting friends outside of the Boston metro area is allowed.

  • ShawnCVD

    The globe would only do a fluff blog. It’s when your self promoting and getting up on you-tube/u stream that you can make an ass of your self. PP mean while is quietly capturing the attention of family friendly fans.
    Besides Truth is a veteran Superstar in the twilight of his career he won’t be challenging Nate and Baby for the dougie title or anything.

  • greenbeand

    wearing a mets hat is not acceptable 😉

  • ha ha ha…. I was taking a shot at the Mets when I tweeted that because they suck.
    You won’t see any NY shit on me.

  • ha! you gotta think he wishes he could take that back

  • The blog is painfully boring. But it’s the globe and he’s the captain.. what is he supposed to do? It reads like a PSA.

  • Orb

    I’m going to be working “WAY into crochet, uncomfortably so” into everyday conversation for weeks. Laughed out loud.