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Pierce getting his HS jersey retired

Pierce inglewood

There's no doubt Paul Pierce's 34 will live in the Garden rafters someday.  But he won't have to wait very long for a jersey retirement ceremony.  Next Tuesday, his old high school is retiring his jersey.

Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics, one of the most beloved sports figures in the history of Inglewood High, is returning next Tuesday to have his uniform retired during a 9 a.m. ceremony in the school auditorium.

Schools officials say the event is not open to the public.

Congrats Truth.  

(story via Marc Stein. photo via NY Times)

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  • Congrats Truth.
    (nice to see they’ve caught up to the Jayhawks.. who retired his jersey, not number, in 2003)

  • Damn, he’s so skinny i thought it was Reggie Miller..

  • and that’s Tim Donaghy under the basket about to put big money on the Jayhawks going to the Final Four.

  • if you can answer this question I will mail you a $10 star bucks gift card. what high school is John Havlicek’s jersey is retired at and what number is it ?

  • He’s from Bridgeport, but I don’t know the number. Anyway, I’m going to be in LA this weekend. If this thing was open to the public, I’d consider staying an extra day to check it out.
    The kid in the background looks like he just saw something amazing.

  • greenbeand

    good ups, $5

  • Luke Walton

    Remember how everyone said he was a fat high schooler?
    I’m not seeing that.
    Nor do I see it in the vids from that era.

  • you got it half right but any one can google the high school, the number gets you the gift card