Nate gets his groove on (in a Yankees hat… ugh) | Red's Army - The Voice of Boston Celtics Fans
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Nate gets his groove on (in a Yankees hat… ugh)

Nate dancing

This was at the WNBA Finals in Seattle.  

Ugh… Nate… Yankees?  C'mon, son.

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  • Who cares about the Yankees hat honestly, he spent most of his career in New York, who even cares if hes a fan of them? hes a celtic, doesnt mean he has to sport or be a fan of the red sox…dont understand that concept

  • JD

    No, no its fine because:
    A) the Red Sox suck this year and who cares about baseball anyway
    B) Nate is a spot-on look-a-like of 50-cent and the Yankees hat just adds to the similarities. Seriously though, they could be brothers.

  • CFH

    He gets a pass. He spent most of his career in New York; he wasn’t required to shift all of his sports allegiances when he was traded.

  • JT

    Atta boy Nater-Tot. He knows what’s up 😉 Is he doin the dougie? LOL

  • I don’t REALLY care that he’s got a Yankees hat on….. but it also doesn’t mean I like looking at it either

  • Isn’t he from WA?
    Either way, Yanks hats have become fashion statements and represent NYC moreso than NYY. Agreed with Red’s, doesn’t bother me but doesn’t mean I’d ever sport one.