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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo Checks in… from LA

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Returning to Los Angeles for the first time since the devastating Game 7 loss in the NBA Finals, Rajon Rondo checked in with at the NBA 2K11 shoot.  Rondo was his normal stoic self (either that or they just dragged him out of bed and pulled him out to the porch of his hotel room judging by the interview) and touched on a few topics.

  • He still considers himself the best PG in the NBA (but says that he’s sure Chris Paul and Deron Williams would also feel the same way about themselves)
  • Looks up to Michael Jordan (who is on the cover of NBA 2K11).  This is interesting considering he claims that he never even saw Jordan play when he was growing up.
  • He will never forget how tough losing in the Finals was, but he’s moved on and will be better from the adversity
  • Doesn’t really care what people say/think about the Miami Heat.  He names other teams in the east that people will be gunning for including Orlando and Cleveland.  Umm, yeah they DEFINITELY just dragged him out of bed.  Cleveland?  Seriously Rondo?
  • He’s looking forward to getting back to LA and “knocking those champions off.”
  • No question was asked about his mysterious departure/experience with Team USA.
  • Kind of odd to end it with the old “Can I choke you now” question, but hey I’m not a professional at giving interviews.

Here’s the video below, judge for yourselves: 

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Glad he wants the Laker’s again, but being checked by Kobe didnt work out so good last time, and he was pretty much shut down. That wouldnt happen to Paul or Williams, or even Westbrook, because they can shoot. I hope our man Rondo is working on this because it is a major flaw, and in my humble opinion, one of the main reasons they lost.

  • Bost

    Oh Lee please. I don’t even think you believe what you said.
    First of all Kobe didn’t shut Rondo down (Kobe played off of Rondo, so he wouldn’t get embarrassed when Rondo blew by him). You notice Farmer and Brown didn’t play that far off Rondo? Check the tape or The NBA channel!
    Westbrook can’t shoot a lick and shot a much worst percentage against LA than Rondo did, who was one of the best percentage shooters in the entire Laker/Boston series. Check it out!
    It’s obvious you haven’t watched Rondo much, like the LA series itself.
    Rondo was tired, running the offense how he normally does and trying to get Pierce and Allen involved (those two actually did shoot horribly for Boston as Kobe Bryant shot Abysmally for LA), instead of taking outside shots. Rondo normally penetrates at will (shot or no shot), and neither Kobe Bryant or LA stopped him. He Almost had a triple double in that last finals games.
    The problem was Pierce and Allen shot horribly. What I do blame Rondo for, is he should of been more selfish and penetrated, instead of trying to get those two involved, who kept shooting horribly.
    But Rondo costing the Celtics that series and Westbrook being a good shooter. I think not!

  • Lee in Oregon

    I didnt say he cost them the series. I said, that in my opinion, Kobe shut him down. He wasn’t tired either, the playoffs offer alot of rest. Face it, he cant shoot. I’ve watched almost every game he’s played in the NBA. I’m not hating on the guy, just pointing out a fact. Just like you dont need to write such longwinded responses.

  • wayne7779311

    You’ve “GOT” to know that Rondo was tired, worn out, and injured. Can’t believe you actually watched a second of the Finals and didn’t see him totally stretched out “on the floor” on the sidecourt with a bad back and tweeked back of his thighs. What world were you living in? Oh, as it is said….people only see what they want to see?
    Don’t compare him to those other guys who didn’t have to do what he did? Who couldn’t even get their respective teams anywhere near to where Rondo did.
    Let’s keep it real.
    Where were those other great guards while Rondo was looking bad in the very last game of the Finals, after 17 tough playoffs games? Uh,huh…yeah….that’s just what I thought. They were sitting home , right there with the rest of us.
    Who am I responding to anyway…are you a 13-year old?

  • dude he is gonna bang her after this photoshoot, attaboy rondo!!!

  • megan

    dude is so salty! c y team USA let him go. not a personable bone in his body. shaq will declare him best pg in league and that will be that!!

  • Mileke

    i just dont understand how someone can stand flat foot & say Rondo is the reason we lost the finals, He averaged almost a triple double the whole playoffs…. the reason we lost was a lack of body, & not a deep enough bench, which we have this year, and for the record, people please stop saying that Rondo need to learn how to shoot, long as he score he’s good, he has people like Garnett, Allen, Pierce, Delonte, & more on his team for him to utililize for assist, a Point Gaurds job is not to shoot for the Celtics, we just need them to set the court, We have enough shooters to pick up Rondo’s Lack, Celtics 2011 Champs!!! aint no stopping in the paint soo… p.s. he is the best pg in the league, & i’d tell the whole world…

  • Lee in Oregon

    I didnt mean to get your panties all bunched up, but EVERYONE is a bit nanged up by the end of the season. I love having Rondo on the team, ok? I just pointed out that the same guy who KILLED it in all the other playoff series, was effectivly shut down by Kobe because he cant shoot. I didnt steal your lunch money, so take it easy on the personal insults. Peace

  • My bad, I thought you were a straight-up hater just trying to talk nonsense. No foul. No problem.
    Double “R” (Rolls Royce)– as TA used to refer to him — does need to work on his jumper & free-throw….but dude works hard for us and brings so many other attributes to the table that I’ll hang with him until he gets there. I’m sure he will.

  • Viva

    This happened before all of that with USA team. I think it was even before Vegas. Remember that post about his shirt how he’s better then Rose and Lee cause he’s got ring. But he’s not just better, he’s the best.

  • Adam

    Can I choke you now?

  • The Truth is Here

    pah. “Can I choke you now?”… Awkwaaarrddd…
    that cleveland comment was definitely a slip, he was thinking about teams in the past.
    also I want to more about this Team USA deal, what happened? I think there is something we as a public don’t know.

  • Straight outta LA

    I’m a Laker Fan so yes please be hostile to me BUT Rondo was far from the problem. He torched us every game we played him, even in the season. No one could really guard him. But that is why the lakers won the games they won. They let him do his thing, but made sure the rest of them did nothing. I mean you can’t blame Rondo one bit…it was a full 7 game series last i heard. Again it rebounding. That’s why the Lakers won.

  • Leo

    Coming from a Lakers fan, Rondo is just flat out amazing to watch. Amazing how such a small player can be the most dominant player on the court.
    The female interviewer was definitely flirting with him. She definitely wanted a piece of him.