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Your Morning Dump… Where Pat Riley defends his punks


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"Charles Barkley, to me, went way over the top. I thought way, way, way
over the top," Riley said. "I think Charles is probably the only guy in
the league that can get away with what he gets away with. For some
reason, he just gets away with it. And calling these guys a bunch of
punks, it's a personal attack.

"They are not that. LeBron isn't that. Dwyane is surely not that, and
neither is Chris. And Charles knows that. And for him just to say that
is wrong."

Sun Sentinel – Pat Riley fires back

I've been waiting for the great Riles to speak about his summer coup. He's got a point about the 'punk' comment. Bosh and Wade appear to be decent guys. And LeBron is more of a weak-willed spoiled brat than a punk. But a veteran like Riley should have known the WWE style introductory press conference would have ruffled some feathers.

Here's Riley's response to Magic GM Otis Smith's criticism of James not being a competitor:

"I thought that was an absolutely stupid remark," Riley said. "He never made any kind of comment like that when he signed Rashard Lewis and he brought him down from Seattle with a $128 million contract or anything like that."

Comparing Rashard Lewis to James, Wade or Bosh is laughable. What Riley meant to say was:

"You're just jealous that you pissed away $128 million on Rashard Lewis while I signed three elite players for less."

Riley knows what it's like to be the villain. Remember his repeat championship guarantee in '87? Plus his 90s Knicks teams were hated. Oh boy, this season is going to be fun.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Pat Riley is nothing more than an bitter old Syracuse greaser. These latest comments are only the beginning stages of Riley’s plan to get off the tanning bed and help Spoelstra “spend more time with his family”. Chuck called it right, they’re a trio of punks…..especially Bosh….who needs to make u-tube vids to be an all-star, without a doubt the stupidest moment in the entire history of All-Star games. I have respect for any of them. Peace.