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Shaq: The New “Hope”

RedsArmyAdmin September 11, 2010 Uncategorized 11 Comments on Shaq: The New “Hope”

Shaq Hope shirt

KWAPT (who else) passed along this little tidbit… it's the new shirt you'll see being sold outside the Garden by the folks at the Boston Sports Co.  They're the same people (I think) behind the LeBron "Nope" shirts that were sold during the playoffs.

Of course, if you just can't wait to have a Shaq shirt, can I interest you in one of the "Got Diesel?" shirts in the Red's Army store?

Diesel dark shirt

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  • Bet the pats (Lock) this week end and San fran should cover

  • Luke Walton

    Not a bad shirt

  • Shawn-cvd

    This pic reminds me of D Wade only bald…

  • Luke Walton

    You guys must be raking it in hand over fist!!!

  • speaking of overpriced…. have you glanced at your paycheck?

  • Cafe press must have raised their prices.

  • Let me tell you guys… we don’t make any more than 3 or 4 bucks per shirt we sell. The rest goes to cafepress.
    The way cafepress works, if you don’t know, is I upload a design and they basically do the rest. They print, ship, handle billing, all of that.
    Sorry if you think it’s too much. But trust us… we’re not making much on them.

  • For the amount of laughs this site provides me with I try to buy a shirt every year(and I live in a trailer and work as a Nuclear Safety Inspector) so I’m not rich just buy a size bigger they shrink!!!!!

  • Luke Walton

    I’ll get one . . . if we win a ring

  • Shawn-cvd

    Well put Jester. I’ve bought two shirts over past two years and will be getting another one soon. Waiting for a shipping sale so I’m sure RA will let us know…

  • AMP

    Gosh, if you don’t want to pay it, don’t buy it. They’re just trying to make a little extra money. Each time they try to make a little money, you all give them a hard time. They work really hard and, if we want free content, we should visit often, click on advertisers, and if the mood strikes, buy a shirt. They are pretty darn funny. Plus, CafePress isn’t making them millions. In order to not stock products, there is a high premium.