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Who deserves the ultimate honor?

Chuck - Red's Army September 10, 2010 Uncategorized 23 Comments on Who deserves the ultimate honor?


In an effort to fill the dog days of the offseason with marginal content honor our loyal readers, John and I are preparing to induct the 2nd Red's Army Hall of Fame class.

While we have our eyes on a few candidates, we are reaching out to you for help in nominating the best of the best.

Remember we set the bar mighty high with the first class of HOFers: KWAPT, Fire Doc, Jester, G4L, DRJ, and Papa Irish.

It should be noted that all Red's Army HOFers are required to:

  • Buy us a beer within 5 minutes of spotting us in public
  • Give their wife/girlfriend the "I'm into Threesomes" t-shirt for Valentine's Day

One other note: HOF nominations can be purchased for the small price of a loge seat at opening night.

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  • Danno

    I have TWO seats for Opening night.
    No, you can’t have them.

  • Walk

    Is there anyone even worth considering for the HOF? Outside of last year’s inductees…has there been a reader that warrants such a prestigious award?

  • G4L

    I would consider the following for the bronze Cigar..
    1. Totheruins (has been kind of dormant lately)
    2. Shawana-cvs
    3. Bantam

  • thetitleisours

    Nick and Kobewearsapurplethong have added some color over the year

  • Lee in Oregon

    KWAPT has already been inducted.

  • Lee in Oregon

    ps…..Nick is in So Cal assembling a crack legal team with which he will defend the great journeyman Matt Barnes on bitch-slapping charges.
    (just kidding ya Nick)

  • thetitleisours

    Since you knew the acronym of “KWAPT” I nominate Lee of Oregon lol

  • My nominees(in no particular order):
    Count Istvan
    Lee from Oregon
    Honorable mention:
    ToTheRuins (he would need to sign a contract though promising to post more-he has been MIA lately..lol)


    If bailing on your team, saying they’re done in about January, announcing that KG is finished (how’d he go in the playoffs? Shut down and torched Jamison, Lewis and gave his all in the finals) and milking Rondo like he was his own personal gimp are prerequisites for induction then TTR is a shoo in.
    There’s a reason he hasn’t been here – he gave up on the Celtics and how’d they go?? 4 minutes/4 points from a title?
    I really wouldn’t know what to think of the HOF here if someone who gave up on the team we love got in!!


    Personally I’d go for
    Nick – his Matt Barnes mancrush was priceless last year!
    Mike – I know he’s probably in a nutfarm now but he was entertaining!!
    Myself (of course) – u have to have a foreigner in there sometime…… 😉

  • for a HOF drunk on burbon so what the hell!
    johnny to the bone (old old school pick)
    balcony girl (old school pick)
    lee from Oregon
    To the ruins (pain me to say that)
    Count Istvan
    the guy over the ocean
    and maybe that guy from LA who talks fast and never shuts up art maybe???????
    they all shouldn’t make it but good noms in my hammered opinion
    drink heavy my friends and good luck!!!!!!!!

  • I could kiss you thank you. Walk do you like movies about gladiators?

  • funny thing is out no where today i busted out my HOF tee shirt. fits great order a size bigger though trust me!

  • Hey…

    You guys should tell Celticshub.com do a hall of fame for their commenters as well.

  • Kobe 279

    LAKERS ALL DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kobe 279

    and dont get me started on doc reivers led the celtics to 24-58 LMFAO yall suck bottom line


    Back into your cave prettyboy.

  • Jackson won six of his titles with the Bulls and had the best record with the Bulls. Auerbach’s major accomplishments were all as a Celtic.
    This psychology might be the same reason why you dumbasses see Wilt as a HOF Laker.
    Doc has done nearly the same in terms of winning as Jackson (despite injuries) with a squad equal in skill to the Lakers. And don’t even try 2007. Boston didn’t have one active All-Star. Phil Jackson wouldn’t have done any better with that team.

  • ShawnCVD

    Thanks for the nomination… even if u butchered the spelling 😉

  • Kobe 279

    u right jackson did win six titles with the bulls, but by him leaving the bulls to join the LAKERS he proved that it dont matter what city he’s in what players play for him or how old he is he’s gonna win a championship

  • Shawn-cvd

    I’d like careful consideration to be given to me. A few entries from my body of work…
    On the Gasol trades and buy out exploits…
    Defending DA and the Summer free agency
    The undressing of an LA Troll (Istvan’s favorite)…
    Morning Dump anyone?
    I know I’m self promoting a little here. Why not? I feel my body of work (if you can call this work) deserves to be in the mix. When gathering these entries I realized many of my best exchanges were with HOF-ers and nominees mentioned here. The community here makes RA the best Celtics blog.
    PS I already gave an “I’m into Threesomes” shirt to a friend and I sported “Certified 5” to a bar when I watched Game 7.

  • I absolutely agree. But what I was saying is that it’s not like his entire legacy is with LA.

  • Thanks G4L. To even be nominated with these esteemed participants is an honor.
    I’m surprised TTR isn’t around more.. even more surprised not already in, but your point about being MIA is right on.