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Clifford Ray leaving the C’s?

The Globe's Julian Benbow tweets:

Word is that Clifford Ray won't be back on the Celtics bench this coming season.

That would be a shame.  I like Coach Ray and think he's been a huge influence on the progression of Kendrick Perkins and Glen Davis.  If he does leave, we wish him well.  

Stay tuned for more as Julian Benbow continues to dig for details. 

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  • Clifford is such a cool dude, and a dedicated coach. He is out on the floor every night before each game going through drills with Perk, Baby or one of the other bigs. I did notice last season that he really had to take his time going down the stairs leading out of the Garden at night. May just be time for him to retire and relax those old knees. I can olny imagine the beating an NBA big-man his age has gone through. Will def miss seeing big Clifford Ray on the bench…

  • perkisabeast

    Just spoke to Cliff. He wanted everyone in Boston to know how much he loved being a Celtics. People don’t know that he was here for much of our run in the 80’s since he was working with Robert Parish. Unfortunately for Cliff, teams always underestimate the benefit of a big man coach and the Celtics are no different.
    He didn’t want to say anything bad about the team but I will say that the Celtics showed a distinct lack of class in this, just as they did last year with Leon Powe. I’ve loved this team my whole life but these last two seasons have really made me question my loyalty.

  • kg

    The whole Leon Powe thing is so illogical. He was one of my favorite Celtics, but where this team was last off-season, they could not afford to use a spot on the team for a player who MAY have been able to play half a season. I wish he stayed, but to knock the C’s for that is ridiculous.

  • CFH

    I love Leon and hate his bad luck. I even wanted the C’s to use a roster spot on him even though he wouldn’t be able to contribute last year.
    But his agent publicly demanded that the C’s give 2 years, mid-level money, and the second year at Leon’s option rather than the team’s. That was such a ludicrous demand– the deal the Cavs gave him was the only practical deal a team could give– that I flatly refuse to buy into the “the C’s were classless with Leon” narrative.