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Your Morning Dump… Where NBA Jam is making me tingly

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Boston Celtics

Players: Kevin GarnettPaul PierceRajon Rondo and Ray Allen

Legends: Larry Bird and Kevin McHale

You think Doc Rivers has problems in real life with all the big names (and egos) the Celtics have stockpiled? Try choosing only two Celts at a time from this six-pack. Boston's roster is one of the nine that include four current players instead of three because fan voting was so tight. Combine that with the fact that Bird was never in the arcade versions of Jam, and you can understand why the game's designers didn't try to wedge Shaquille O'Neal on this roster, too. (Although we have to believe that Shaq, in a nod to his l-o-n-g history with Jam, is among the hidden characters who can be unlocked.)

ESPN: NBA Jam: Revealing the East rosters

I was on a train when I saw Marc Stein's tweet about the East Rosters yesterday.  Later last night, I got home and I got to check them out.  Then, I passed out from sheer excitement.  This morning, Chris Forsberg pointed us to Celtics Hub, which had that video.  After a quick change of pants, I'm now ready to write. 

This game is going to be the most awesome thing ever.  It's coming out on October 5 and only for the Wii. 

Did you see the part where you can play with Larry Bird?  DID YOU SEE THAT???

Ok.  I need to breathe.  Let's get back to real hoops  on Page 2… where we pick a 6th man.

So we asked our panel of 18 writers from eight of our favorite Celtics blogs who they thought would emerge as Boston's Sixth Man of the Year during the 2010-11 season. Davis emerged as the top vote-getter, while his Shrek & Donkey counterpart, Nate Robinson, and Shaq (another green monster) also garnered heavy consideration…..

John Karalis, Red's Army (Nate Robinson)

Robinson is the most explosive guy on that bench. He's the guy most likely to come in and hit three or four straight shots. And because he's spent at least some time in Boston already, he's got a head start on others. Robinson will drop a few 20-point games this season. He might even produce a 30-point effort here and there. You never know.

Chuck McKenney, Red's Army (Nate Robinson)

The energy Robinson brings off the bench, combined with the explosive scoring, is something this team desperately needs. Having a half season with the team under his belt will certainly help. Summer Forecast: Who will be Celtics 6th man?

I gave that answer before Delonte West signed on… and I think Delonte might be a tempting plan B for Doc Rivers and could cut into Nate's time.  However, that doesn't change that Nate's got the potential to be explosive.

But even though Chuck and I picked Nate, it wasn't unanimous.  Jay has a different take:

This is a bit tricky because it will come in 2 parts.  In the first half of the season it will most likely be Jermaine O'Neal (based on my opinion that Shaq will start).  Once Perk returns, I think Shaq will be the Big Walton.

Shaq got 3 votes, Jermaine got 1 from the entire panel.  Glen Davis was the overwhelming top choice with 9 votes.

The rest of the links:  C's get a B on Summer Report Card  |  WEEI:  Perk talks rehab and everything else  |  Globe: Paul Pierce – How I spent my summer  |  CelticsBlog: Celtics offense: In transition  

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  • Steven

    This is going to be amazing.

  • this has got me so hard, I barely have enough skin left to blink my eyes!!!!!!!!!!

  • JD

    The announcer sounds like Gary Tanguay when he does play-by-play, i.e. always yelling.
    This game looks sweet, I’m of the younger generation who never got to play it and was brought up on the PS2 and eventually 360 (NBA 2k10 is amazing, hopefully 2k11 will be even better). But I definitely like old-school games as a change of pace.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Delonte will take some of the midgets minutes because he’s a better ballhandler and defender. If and when Perk comes back, Jermaine will take minutes from the Baby.
    I’m gonna go out a limb and say QUISY, who REALLY needs to have a good year, will be the 6th man of the year. Part of this is wishful thinking, but Marquis has no real competition on the team as back-up to Pierce. He’s gonna see alot of minutes )as long as his body holds up, and I expect him to make up for last years debackle.

  • Joe A

    I’m more excited for NBA 2k11. It’s going to have the ’86 Celtics in it. Bird! Parish! Walton! Sichting!!!!